Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Files?

Files are a medium which is used to store data in digital form. There are varieties of informative files which are present on your system that you are using on day to day basis. Files have a great advantage at the present time. They are durable and highly reliable. You can preserve various types of information on your files and arrange them in folders.

Different ways where you could lose your informative files:

Files are not easily lost. But there are some instances where users might lose the files. Users might lose their official and personal files from their computer like photos, videos, Microsoft Word files, excel documents etc. let’s take a quick look on different scenarios on data lost.

  • Haphazardly deletion of your files or data: This is a case of human error. When you are in hurry or if you are not focused in your work you may click on delete option or press the shift delete key. And after this incident there is a maximum chance that you might have lost your data.
  • Accidental formatting of a drive or partition: This is also another case of human error. Sometimes users format a wrong drive that they are not supposed to do.
  • Corruption to the file system: When the file system of the drive or partition or any storage device is corrupt then it becomes inaccessible. When these happen you might not find any data on that drive.
    Critical power failure:
    Power fails all the time, but the question is whether your system is prepared for it? Well, when power fails and your system shutdown directly and you might find yourself in a situation where you have lost your data.
  • Virus attack: The biggest threat of all is the virus attack. Even if you avoid all the above mentioned situations, your data can disappear due to virus attacks.

When a file is deleted from your computer most of the users think that it is permanently deleted. The fact is that it is not deleted. It is simply removed from the directory of files. If the file is present in the Recycle Bin then you can easily get it back. But the file which you have permanently deleted or which has bypass due to its large size from Recycle Bin cannot be recovered manually. Well if you want to recover those deleted files you don’t need a magic trick. In this case you can easily recover files Windows by using File Recovery Software.

How does File Recovery Software helps you to regain the data files that you have lost?

Before selecting file recovery tool check whether the software can recover all types of data and file formats. To do this, download the demo version and check the capability of the software in recovering data. Also make sure that your system fulfills the minimum requirements to run this awesome application. It is a wise idea to check the compatibility of the file recovery software. Connect a hard drive to a healthy system. Install a file recovery tool to that healthy system.

Effective Way to Fix Outlook PST File

MS Outlook is the most popular application that serves as an email client on Windows operating systems. Outlook provides the users with outstanding options that are user friendly. One can simply access the mail account details of Outlook profile in offline mode i.e. with no network connection. It store attributes like emails, contacts, tasks, journals, calendars, etc on a single PST file.

Outlook data gets stored on the system hard drive with file extension .pst or .ost i.e. Personal Storage Table and Offline Storage Table. Outlook PST file may get corrupt due to various reasons. An inbox repair tool known as scanpst.exe is used for fixing corrupted PST file on Microsoft Outlook. But, sometimes Inbox repair tool fails to repair Outlook PST file. In such circumstances, you can fix damaged or corrupted PST file with the help of Fix PST software.

Reasons behind the corruption of Outlook PST file:

Virus Attack: Mainly PST file may get corrupted due to severe virus or malwares effects that enter into the system via different sources.  As a result, these viruses make your PST file inaccessible.

Storage Device Failure: If PST file is saved on bad sectors of hard drive, then entire or some PST file may get corrupted or inaccessible. Usually, bad sectors are formed due to the presence of severe virus and malwares on your hard drive.

Improper Closing of Outlook: While you are accessing any PST file on Outlook due to power failure or sudden system shutdown, your Outlook terminates improperly. As a result, your PST file may get inaccessible.

Usage over Network: Usage of MS Outlook PST file over network by multiple users at a time may results in corruption due to interruptions. Interruption occurs due to either system conflicts or problem with network connection.

Other Reasons: There are many other reasons behind corruption or damaged of PST file such as compacting of PST file, usage of PST file over network, Outlook up-gradation, oversized PST file, improper recovery, due to operating large emails at a time, etc.

Some of the precautionary measures to be taken to avoid corruption of PST file:

  • After the completion of work, close your Outlook profile properly.
  • Updated Antivirus software must be used on the PST file containing important data to avoid virus attack.
  • Always keep proper backup of PST.

Features of Fix PST software:

  • It fixes PST file errors on all versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000.
  • Fix PST software is compatible to repair PST file on all versions of Windows such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, etc.
  • This software easily repairs and recovers all attributes of the OST file including contacts, emails, tasks, calendar, journals, etc.
  • One of the unique features of this tool, is that it has Preview option which allows the users to view the repaired PST file items. If users are satisfied with the repaired results then they can activate the software with its full version.

Know How to Repair MOV Video Files

MOV is the widely used video file format, as it is compatible with different devices like mobile phones, camcorders, digital camera, etc. It contains both audio and video streams in its container. .mov is a file extension used by the QuickTime media player. As for the user’s needs, MOV file format can be changed to other formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, etc.  Once these MOV file get corrupted or broken by some unfortunate actions, it becomes necessary for you to repair the videos files. One of the best software that any of you can have in such situation is MOV Repair software. This application is reviewed and recommended by many industry experts.

Reasons behind corruption of MOV video files:

Header Corruption: Header holds the information that makes the MOV file playable. If header gets corrupted then it makes your MOV file inaccessible.

CRC Error: When you face CRC error in a MOV file then you will get an error message like CRC ERROR- “VVV video file can’t be played”.

Download Error: If MOV file gets interrupted while downloading due to power surge or sudden shutdown of system. As a result, your MOV video files get corrupted and become inaccessible.

Other reasons: There are many other reasons behind corruption of MOV video files such as interruption during MOV file transfer, altering file format, virus attack, etc.

Precautionary measures to be taken for preventing MOV video file corruption in future:

  • Don’t try playing MOV videos on incompatible media players.
  • Avoid interruptions like ejection of storage devices during MOV videos transfer.
  • Maintain backup of important MOV video file in multiple storage devices.

Features of MOV Repair software:

  • This software repairs corrupted/damaged MOV, MP4 file that are not playable on Quick time player, VLC media player, Windows media player and so on.
  • It supports large sized MOV/ MP4 video files.
  • This software performs repairing process of MOV video file. It separates audio as well as video data streams and later adjoins them to create new healthy and playable video file.
  • Video file supported by this software are avc1, RAW, AVI, MP4, WMV, mp4a, sowt, mjpeg, etc.
  • You can view the repaired MOV video file with help of preview option so that you can check the quality of the software.
  • MOV video Repair software supports MOV video repair on all versions of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2010 and so on.


Can You Recover Data After Formatting?

Are you one of those who have formatted their hard drive and loss all the important data saved on it? If yes, then no need to worry about it. Because formatted data can be recovered by using Formatted Data Recovery application. In order to perform data recovery from formatted drive, you should stop the using of a formatted drive to overwrite existing data with new one. By utilizing this advanced utility you can easily recover data after formatting without any difficulty. Formatted Data Recovery tool has been designed and developed by expert IT professionals to get back data formatted data from drive within simple mouse clicks.

Let us talk about common scenarios behind formatting of the drive:

File System Corruption: It is one of the most common reasons for formatting the drive. File system on the drive can be corrupted by various causes such as improper system shutdown, power failure during accessing files from drive, file system conversion etc. by which drive becomes inaccessible.

Bad Sectors: There are many reasons by which bad sectors created on a drive like virus and malware infection, power surge, etc. can make your drive inaccessible.

Accidental Formatting: During formatting another drive by mistake if you select the wrong drive which can lead to complete data deletion from the drive.

Third Party Application: Whenever you scan system drives by using any third party program like antivirus, can make the entire drive inaccessible. So to access the drive you need to format the drive by which you loss complete data store on it.

OS Reinstalling: During re-installing operating system you format the drive by which the complete data saved on drive become unreachable.

Apart from above mentioned scenarios, there are some other reason, such as File system corruption, virus and malware infection, MBR corruption, etc. can lead to drive formation. So to recover data after format a drive you can make the use of Formatted Data Recovery application. It enables you to get back your data from a drive that can be formatted in any ways as mentioned above.

Formatted Data Recovery program performs deep scanning of your formatted drive to recover data from it. With the help of this tool you can recover different types of files such as Word documents, PDF files, MP3, PowerPoint files, MP4, MOV, AVI, image files, games, application files, etc. with ease. By using this application you can perform data recovery after format on various versions of Windows operating systems such as Win server 2008, Win 7, Win Vista, Win server 2003, Win XP, etc. The Mac version of this application is also available that supports various Mac OS like Snow Leopard, Lion and Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite. This application recovers data after formatting of various storage drives such as hard drives, thumb drives, memory cards, MMC cards, SD cards , XD cards, pen drives, etc. that supports various file system like FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, HFS and HFS+ with ease. After recovery process it allows you to take the preview of recovered files before saving them on specific locations on the drive.

Tool to Recover Deleted / Lost Data from Windows Partition

Couple of days back, when I was managing hard drive partitions on my Windows PC, somehow I managed to delete a hard drive partition. I was actually looking to create a new partition with the help of Windows disk management utility but multitasking while managing partitions has hit me badly. In a matter of time everything has changed, I have lost lot of important files and folders. I don’t even have the backup to prevent worst case scenario. I cannot move on without performing Windows partition recovery. Can anybody help me to find the world’s best Windows partition recovery software? I have to recover deleted Windows partition at any cost.

Loosing crucial data from Windows partition is considered to be the most distressed situation that user have to deal with. Deletion of partition while managing partitions on Windows PC is quite common these days. If you are one among the users who lost or deleted Windows partition due to any reason then don’t imagine in the way that you have lost everything that you have stored in that partition. Off course, it’s heartening to lose important data from the system for any user.

However, you have the possibility of recovering files from Windows hard drive partition that went missing, if you act smartly. To know the smarter the way of recovering data from lost Windows partition, just stay with us. For now, let us have a brief look at the most common causes of partition loss / deletion.

Reasons for data loss or deletion from Windows hard drive partition

  • Reinstalling Windows OS: At times user will have to deal with situations like OS boot sector error or system crash due to various predicted and unpredicted reasons on your Windows PC. In such cases, user will have to reinstall operating system to get back access to the hard drive. But one have to understand that not everyone among the computer users are technically sound to perform Windows re installation and they may delete an important partition during the process, causing serious data loss scenario.
  • Using unreliable tools: Depending on third party applications to create a new partition or to repartition the existing partition can sometimes become costly for users, as it may result in huge data loss situations. At this time, user may not be even informed with a confirmation message.
  • Virus intrusion: Malicious viruses are always a huge threat to your Windows system hard drive, as this infects the files stored inside the hard drive partition and also the file system used in the hard drive. In severe cases, if the file system gets corrupt then the entire hard drive partition will turn unreadable. At times the user may even end up with not formatted error situations on Windows PC.

If you are facing such situations with your Windows PC then we would like to tell you that we can easily recover data without any difficulty, thus here is a finest tool that will allow you to perform Windows partition recovery even when you have formatted, deleted, damaged or corrupted your Windows partition. Many of the users still keep the misconception that by deleting, formatting or removing a Windows partition the data stored in it will be lost permanently. It’s big time for users to change this belief. What exactly happens is the entire data from the partition will turn invisible to the user due to this reason, but it doesn’t remove the data stored in it. Ensure that you have not stored any new data after losing information or data from Windows hard drive partition. Thereafter you can make use of Partitions Recovery software to recover lost or deleted data from Windows hard drive partition.

Partitions Recovery is a comprehensive software that recovers data from Windows hard drive partition that went missing, deleted or formatted. Application can be used to restore partition from SSD, SATA, SCSI, SAS and other hard drives on Windows PC. With the help of this tool you can perform Windows partition recovery from NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT file system.

More features of Partitions Recovery

  • The user interface incorporated with this tool is so simple, even the user with less knowledge in technology can make use of this tool to recover Windows hard drive partition
  • This Windows partition recovery software seemingly scans the entire Windows hard drive and recovers files and folders from hard drive partition. When the scanning process is complete a list of files gets generated, which can be sorted according to the date of modification, file name, size, etc.
  • “Save recovery session” feature of this tool allows Windows user to resume scanning at any point of time.

How to Repair PST in Outlook when Scanpst will not Repair PST File

“I want to repair my PST file because an error never lets me access any content on my Outlook profile. I tried the scanpst but it still couldn’t fix the issue on my PST file so is there a simple way to still be able to repair my Outlook PST file when scanpst doesn’t fix PST file?”

There are chances that your PST file may not be fixed by scanpst. Whenever this happens, you need to employ a third party tool to repair your PST file on Outlook.

Here in this video you can check out how one can fix or repair PST file when scanpst doesn’t fix PST file.

PST file is usually located on your C drive and can grow to be huge in size. This usually causes it to act in a strange way down the line. Every Outlook profile has a PST file associated to it so this means all your Outlook emails, calendars and so on are usually saved to the PST file that is located on your computer.

The PST file is highly significant and any damage or corruption to the PST file causes you to lose everything from it. When the PST file is corrupted, the Outlook profile corresponding to that PST file might stop to open up. This can be very frustrating since the user loses all the access to his emails and other vital data present on his inbox. To fix such Outlook PST issues, Outlook comes with an inbuilt tool called the scanpst. Scanpst is usually used to fix the PST file when it is corrupted or starts to show signs of corruption.

One needs to know that the scanpst is usually designed to handle simple repair process on your Outlook PST file. One may notice that scanpst cannot repair PST file when the corruption caused to the PST file is beyond the repair limits of the scanpst. This is when you need to employ a third party PST repair tool to fix your Outlook PST file as shown in the above tutorial when you cannot repair PST with scanpst.

PST files are huge so it needs to be handled by a certified PST repair tool. By using an unsafe repair tool to fix PST file when scanpst cannot repair PST file, you risk the chances of safely repairing your PST file. An unsafe PST repair tool might damage the structure of your PST file causing you to lose everything from it whereas a safe repair tool like the one used above employs a different repair strategy and is certified to access the PST file.

Some features of this software:

  • This software can fix PST files of all sizes when you cannot repair PST with scanpst.
  • It is safe, fast and is recommended to repair PST files on your computer.
  • It uses an interface that is easy to use and repair the PST files.
  • It runs an algorithm that repairs all the issues on your PST file and recovers all your emails and other Outlook attributes from it when scanpst cannot repair PST file.
  • You can then import this repaired PST file to your Outlook profile in just a single click of the mouse.

Know About Some of the Best Memory Cards for Different Devices

Memory Card is a storage device which introduced in year 1991. It is used to store several files such as pictures, songs, video, documents etc. These cards can be used in different devices like mobile, camera, tablets etc. The class of memory cards are Class 4, Class 6, Class 10 and UHS:I. Different devices are compatible with different memory cards based upon speed rate. The speed rate of different memory cards is explained below:

  Card Tested: Write MB/s Read MB/s Average
1 Transcend Ultimate 64GB 80.81 90.61 85.71
2 integral ultima PRO X 32GB 79.08 91.44 85.26
3 Samsung PRO 32GB 78.59 90.82 84.705
4 Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s 78.21 92.27 85.24
5 Kingston 64GB 75.10 91.62 83.36
6 PNY Elite Performance 63.34 90.45 76.895
7 Lexar Professional 633x 32GB 46.17 84.13 65.15
8 Verbatim Premium 600x 64GB 39.28 92.11 64.695
9 Panasonic R90/W45 28.99 85.03 57.01
10 Sony 94MB/s 22.72 87.24 54.98
Sony Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo HX MagicGate 8GB* 16.18 17.15 16.66
Fujifilm 1GB M+ XD Memory Card* 2.33 5.4 3.86


The specification of different cards is explained above. The specification includes write, read and average speed rate of different cards. Transcend card is one of the best card which has highest transfer rate among all and it is mostly used SD card.

How to Fix Audio Video Sync Problems in MP4 Videos

“I have an MP4 video in which the audio and video are not in sync. It is certainly not possible to watch this video as neither the audio or video plays together so I now want to sync the two together and make it play as usual. Is it possible to do this to my MP4 video that is out of sync?”

You can surely do this to your MP4 video provided you make use of an audio video sync software for your MP4 video. The audio-video on your MP4 video will go out of sync only when the video is corrupted.

An MP4 video corruption can occur at any point so it is very important to safeguard all your videos. The best way to protect your video is by having a backup for all the MP4 videos. This way you can be assured of not worrying anymore about your videos because in case of corruption, you can just go back to the backup copy and restore back the corrupted MP4 video with a healthy copy from the backup.

MP4 videos are usually played in high definition and they require more space on the drive as well. These videos can easily get corrupted during their stay on the drive. The moment a MP4 video goes corrupt, it starts to show errors or in the worst case the audio-video might go out of sync. Whenever the audio-video goes out of sync, the entire video is rendered useless since it becomes impossible to view the video with an out of sync audio-video.

If you discover one of your videos with an out of sync audio-video then you certainly don’t have to worry. By making use of a good audio-video sync software you can easily restore your video back to its original condition.

This video shows you how to fix audio video sync in MP4 videos.

This software used in the above tutorial is just the application that you need to fix audio video sync issues in MP4. It uses the safest repair method to fix all your out of sync MP4 videos in a fast and efficient manner. It requires lesser mouse clicks to get your videos repaired as well which makes it the best MP4 repair software as well.

MP4 videos can also go out of sync when they are played on media players that don’t really support to play an MP4 video. This will end up in MP4 file getting severely damaged and might also result in the video going out of sync. Another common cause for this issue is by editing a video using a third party tool. This might alter the video streams making the audio and video not in sync on .mp4 video.

Regardless of what caused your MP4 video to go out of sync, you can effortlessly repair the out of sync MP4 video by using the repair tool shown in the above tutorial.

Here are a few more features that highlight why it is the most recommended software to fix audio video sync in mp4 video:

  • This software is the only application that just reads your out of sync MP4 video and then creates a new healthy file which is free from all types of sync issues. The original video(out of sync video) is not altered or changed during the repair process so your original video is completely safe throughout the repair process and the new file created by this software can be used by you.
  • The new healthy file created by this software can be played on any media player that supports to play an MP4 video.
  • You can save the repaired video to any location that you need on your computer.
  • This software is fast and its interface lets you finish the task with less mouse clicks.

Deleted Photos Recovery from USB Device

USB (Universal Serial Bus) drive is one of the popular storage devices. Today most of the system users are making use of USB drive to take system backup. It is used to store and transfer data from one place to another without burden.

However, the USB drive is also prone to data loss, this kind of data loss situation may occur because of human errors or some kind of system errors. If the user come across such kind of data loss scenarios then it’s quite common to lose the data from USB drive. If you are facing data loss situations from your USB device then just relax; here is reliable software named Photo Recovery Software. This software helps you to perform restore erased images from USB drive with great ease.

Scenarios for photo deletion from USB drive            

  • Accidental deletion: User may delete files or folders from the system to free its space while trying to erase some unwanted file, if they have accidently selected some important file along with the junk files for deletion then they might have to face crucial data loss.
  • Human errors: In some cases, while deleting unwanted photos from the USB drive unknowingly you might delete important photos.
  • Improper ejection: When USB drive is connected to computer and data transfer of files is in progress, suddenly removing your USB drive will damage your USB drive leading to huge loss of data.
  • Virus infection: While sharing data from the computer to USB drive or vice versa, if that particular computer is affected with virus then data files gets corrupted or lost.
  • Power failure: When some data read or write task is carried out with USB in such case if sudden system shutdown occurs due to failure of power, which will result in USB drive corruption. Once the USB gets get corrupted then it’s quite difficult to access files from it.
  • Format error: If you USB drive after receiving format error message such as “Drive not formatted. Format it now”. Such errors come if the USB drive’s file system is damaged or corrupted.

To overcome all these above mentioned scenarios, you need to take back up of important photos and other data. In case, if you don’t have the backup of your images then you can use Photo Recovery Software that helps to recover deleted photos from USB drive.

Features of Photo Recovery Tool

  • This application has advanced features and it is possible to recover deleted photos from USB drive by scanning the entire drive within few minutes.
  • This software helps you to perform recover different image file format like GIFF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc with quick scan of time.
  • By making use of this Photo Recovery Tool, you can recover deleted photos from USB drive on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows vista, Windows 2008, 2003, 2000 servers etc.
  • From the recovered photos you can find image files on the basis of file size, creation date, file name and file extension.
  • This tool supports user to save the recovery session in order to avoid rescanning of storage devices.


Finest Way to Recover Files from Corrupted MMC Card

Multimedia card (MMC) is a type of memory card used to store data. MMC cards are available in different sizes ranging from 1 GB to 128 GB in the market. MMC can be used in mobile phones, digital camera, computer etc. Sometimes due to some reasons the data stored in MMC get corrupted. Then you have to recover data from corrupted MMC card.

Reasons for corruption of MMC card:

  • Abruptly pulling out of card: The data stored in a MMC card may get corrupted due to abruptly pulling it out from the system. If any file is open from MMC card and randomly it get pulled out without closing the file then the MMC card may get corrupted.
  • Virus attack: If any file is downloaded on the system from internet which has MMC card inserted in it then the virus attack can cause the corruption of MMC card.
  • Power surge: While MMC card is in use and suddenly power goes off then this situation may lead to the corruption of MMC card.
  • File system corruption: MMC card may get corrupted due to the corruption of file system. File system contains information about file type, file size; date of creation etc. once it gets corrupted then there is a possibility of corruption of MMC card.
  • Third party application: If any third party application is used to scan the system but this application is not compatible with the MMC card then the MMC card may get corrupted due to the use of third party application.
  • Improper shutdown of system: Any file is open from MMC card on the system and the system get improperly shutdown then this situation may lead to the corruption of MMC card.

Once the MMC card gets corrupted you don’t have to worry so much because, corrupted multimedia card file recovery has become very easy now with the help of Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software. Only one thing you have to keep in mind that once the data get corrupted you need not to format it and do not load new data as there is a chance of overwriting the data and data recovery may become difficult.

Features of memory card recover software:

  • Simple to install and use: this software can be installed in three simple steps and it is very easy to use and you can recover data from corrupted MMC card.
  • Can recover any type of file: This software can recover any type of file including excel file, image files like .jpg, .jpeg, audio files like .mp3,AVI, video files like mp4,MOV etc. on MMC card.
  • Suitable for both Windows and Mac operating system: Memory card recover software is suitable for both Windows and Mac operating system. It supports Windows 7, Windows 8, vista, XP, 2003 and 2000. It also supports Mac operating system like Mountain Lion, Snow leopard, Mavericks and Yosemite.
  • 24/7 tech support: If you have any problem in installing or using this software you can ask anytime to the technical team without paying any money.
  • This software can recover data from formatted MMC card also.