Know How to Recover Pictures after Factory Reset

Microsoft Windows operating system has many advanced features, factory reset is one of them. This feature allows its Windows OS users to delete all the users’ files and application installed on the system and change the state of system into its new manufacturing setting. Mostly Microsoft Windows user takes the help of this to reset their laptop or desktop but after performing this, they understand that few important files have been deleted from their system hard drive partition because of this factory reset. These lost files can be your precious images which remind people their previous beautiful time.

Are you one of those who is facing similar kind of problems? Do you want to know how to retrieve pictures files after a factory reset? If yes, then there is no need to worry about your important pictures because you can easily retrieve pictures files after a factory reset with the help of an advanced third party tool such as Photo Recovery After. This hassle free app has enough power to get back all your images after system factory reset option easily.

Other Situations behind Picture Loss from System Hard Drive:

  • Sometimes operating system is displayed some error message like “Format Error” when data storage device is connected to the system. This format error arises until, people format the drive and does not allow users to access their files from the drive, which resulting in complete data loss from it.
  • Upgrading the system OS from lower to higher versions can also lead to photo loss issue.
  • Unknowingly formatting system drive instance of other drive partition is can also be a reason behind the loss of precious images.
  • Virus’s, Spyware or malware infection on storage drive can also result in file system corruption which can lead to inaccessibility of the images saved on the hard drive. In order to access pictures from the drive, people need to format the drive which can lead to all image loss from the drive.
  • Accidental deletion, OS reinstallation, MBR Corruption, emptied recycle bin, key combinations, hard drive failed, partition corruption, OS crash can also be a reason behind it.

Salient Features of Photo Recovery After Application:

  • It is one of the most powerful photo recovery software which helps its users to retrieve pictures files after a factory reset just by following few simple mouse clicks.
  • This easy to use app is built in such a way that it can easily restore all the deleted or lost images from system hard drive partition in very less span of time.
  • Photo Recovery After program enables both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac users to retrieve files from corrupted, formatted, inaccessible, reformatted, broken, and damaged hard drive.
  • With the help of this app, people can easily recover images from numerous data storage drives like memory card, USB drive, iPod, music player, external hard disk drive, Solid State Drive and many others.
  • The hassle free app supports data recovery from hard drive which can be assigned with any file system such as FAT16, HFS, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+ and ExFAT easily.

Free SD Card Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted or Lost Files

“Hi everyone, I am looking for a good tool which can perform SD recovery data on my Windows system. A couplemicrosd-card-recovery of days ago, I connected my digital camera SD card to my system to transfer files from it. Due to power failure, my system shut down automatically during transferring of files. Those deleted files are very much important for me. Can anyone know SD card recovery tool which can recover my deleted or lost files from SD card with ease?”

Don’t get panic, if you come across with such situation as mentioned- above. In such situation, you can use SD Card Recovery tool which can recover deleted or lost files from SD card within few mouse clicks. It can easily recover deleted or lost files such as photos, videos, music, documents, etc. on all major versions of Windows OS.

Reasons behind data loss from SD Card:

  • Due to improper handling of SD card
  • Accidental deletion of files from SD card while deleting unnecessary files from it.
  • You may connect your SD card to the system in order to transferred files from SD card to system or vice-versa if any interruption occurs then it leads to loss of files from SD card or system.
  • If SD card is severely infected with harmful threats such as virus or malware, then it may delete your vital files from SD card without giving you any notification.
  • Use of SD card on multiple devices.
  • Improper ejection of SD card from system or card reader while you are transferring files from it.
  • Accidental formatting of SD card instead of ejecting it from the system.
  • Your SD card may prone to virus attack. As to get rid of virus, you may use antivirus program to scan SD card. However, during scanning process, if identifies any files which are affected by harmful virus then it directly deletes those files without giving you any notification.
  • Mishandling of SD card.
  • Capturing photos or shooting videos while digital camera battery is low results in file loss.
  • Accidental formatting of SD card instead of some other drive.
  • Other reasons such as synchronization error, camera hardware failure, file system corruption, adding excessive data to cards, etc.

Features of SD Card Recovery Tool:

  • This software is capable of recovering deleted or lost files from SD card on various versions of Windows based operating system.
  • Free demo version of the tool is available so that you can evaluate the recovery results before buying the full version of the software.
  • It supports SD card file recovery from various brands of SD card such as SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Sony, HP, Lexar, Samsung, etc.
  • This software also recovers deleted or lost files from various types of memory cards such as SDXC, XD, CF, MMC, SDHC, etc.

Recover Data from Iomega Ego Hard Drive

External hard drive is used for taking the backup of data and storing various types of files iomega-ego-35325such as videos, pictures, documents, music, etc. There are a number of hard drive brands available in the market such as Iomega, Hitachi, Seagate, Kingston, Western Digital, Samsung, LaCie, Transcend, etc. But among these external hard drives, most of the people are using Iomega hard drive for storing their various files. Iomega has launched a variety of external hard drive, Iomega has one of them. Iomega eGo has many advanced features such as durability, storage capacity, easy to use and very high data transfer rate. Sometimes, you may lose data from Iomega eGo external drives due to some known or unknown reasons. In such situation, don’t get panic as you can opt Iomega eGo Data Recovery software which is capable of recovering deleted or lost file from Iomega eGo external drive with ease.

Reasons behind data loss from Iomega eGo external drive:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Accidental formatting
  • Improper handling of Iomega eGo external drive
  • Virus infection
  • Interruption during data transfer
  • File system corruption
  • Sudden shutdown of system
  • Bad sector
  • Hardware or software malfunction
  • Hardware crash
  • Use of third party software
  • Use of Iomega eGo external drive on multiple systems across network

In order to perform Iomega eGo data recovery which gets deleted or lost due to any of above-mentioned reasons, you can take the help of an Iomega Data Recovery software. This software is capable of recovering data from Iomega eGo external hard drive which can corrupt, damaged, formatted, inaccessible or not recognized. Apart from Iomega eGo external hard drive, it also recovers deleted or lost data from various external hard drive brands such as Kingston, Western Digital, Samsung, LaCie, Seagate, Transcend, etc.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Avoid adding any new data to Iomega Ego hard drive after data loss situation.
  • Always keep a backup of vital data prior to deletion or any format operation.
  • Use good antivirus program to avoid corruption of hard drive due to a harmful virus or malware infection.
  • Try to avoid using shift delete leys while deleting any data to avoid unintentional deletion of data.
  • It is important to save the files frequently once you complete the work to avoid data loss which occurs due to sudden power surge.

Features of Iomega Data Recovery Software:

  • This Software is capable of restoring data from Iomega Ego external hard drive which supports any file system such as NTFS5, FAT 16, FAT32, HFS+, HFSX, NTFS, etc.
  • It allows you to take the preview of recovered data before restoring them to a particular location using “Preview” option of the software.
  • Apart from external hard drive, it also recovers data from pen drive, flash drive, memory card, USB drive, internal hard drive, memory stick, Thumb drive, etc.
  • It recovers data from various brands of the external hard drive such as Toshiba, Seagate, Hitachi, Buffalo, Maxtor, Western Digital, Samsung, etc.
  • This software can also recover deleted or lost data from Iomega StorCenter, Iomega Prestige, etc.
  • This software offers a demo version of the tool to estimate the recovery chances. You can download the demo version of the utility and evaluate the performance of the utility.

Digital Photo Recovery Software – Free Download

memory_card_format_new 22Have your precious photos is deleted from memory card? If yes, then there is no need to worry about it because these deleted images can be recovered. In order to recover deleted photos from memory card, you need an advanced third party tool which enables you to get back your photos from memory card without any other difficulty. Today, I am providing an efficient way by which you can easily recover your deleted photos from memory card. To recover deleted photos from the card, you can utilize Photo Recovery Software. This application has built by using an advanced searching algorithm with performs deep scanning of the memory card and easily recover all deleted pictures from memory card within few simple mouse clicks.

Common Causes of Photo deletion from Memory Card:

  • Using the same memory card with different devices for saving or transferring captured images can also be a reason behind photo deletion from the card. In this process, there is a chance of a virus attack on the memory card which can lead to picture deletion from memory card.
  • If the file system of memory card gets corrupted due to improper handling of it or removing from the device when it is being used by the device, then there is a chance of photo deletion from it.
  • At the time of deleting few useless photos from memory card, you may unknowingly choose few important pictures and delete them.

Salient Features of Photo Recovery Application:

  • With the help of this easy to use app, you can recover deleted photos from memory card which can be manufactured by any world leading brands including SanDisk, Sony, Canon, Kingston, PNY, Panasonic, Lexar, Transcend, Samsung and Toshiba without any more difficulty.
  • Photo Recovery Software is capable of restoring deleted photos from the memory card which can be any file format along with raw such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, SR2, BMP, SRF, RAW, CRW, GIF, ORF, NEF, MRW and CR2 easily.
  • This easy to use utility supports to recover deleted photos from different types of memory card like SDHC, XD card, Mini SD card, Secure Digital card, Compact Flash card, MMC and Micro SD card on all the latest versions of Mac and Windows based systems easy.
  • You can utilize this hassle-free utility to recover images from the memory card which can be corrupted, damaged, inaccessible or not recognized within few simple mouse clicks.

Steps to Perform Deleted Image Recovery from Memory Card:

  • For recovering deleted photos from memory card, you need to download and install Photo Recovery Software on your laptop or desktop.
  • Connect memory card with the computer from which photos have been deleted.
  • Run the program with admin privilege by double clicking on icon present on the desktop.
  • First screen will appear with three options. In these options, you need to choose “Recover Photos” option.
  • Next screen will come with two options. Here on this screen, click on “Deleted Photo Recovery” option and choose the memory card from the list and click on next arrow to proceed deleted picture recovery process.
  • Next window will appear with the progress bar. Once the scanning process is completed, all the recovered photos will display either in “Data Type View” or “File Type View”.
  • You can take the preview of retrieved photos before saving them to the system or other external hard drive.

How to Extract Split Zip Files

What will you do if you got the ZIP file split into multiple pieces? This is done to send the ZIP file over the network or when attaching it in an email. You have to extract them all to get the full file, sometimes corruption takes place in one or more ZIP files. It needs to be repaired to use the full file otherwise, it is in the corrupted format. It can be repaired by suing a trusted repair software like Remo Repair ZIP. It uses a specific good repair algorithm in repairing corrupt and damaged ZIP files. If you are wondering how to extract split ZIP files, watch the following video showing how it is done by repairing the corrupt ZIP archive.

Steps to Extract Split ZIP Files

Extract all the ZIP files in the same folder and try if the file is opening or not. If it fails to open, then it is sure that one or more ZIP files is corrupt and needs to be repaired. For this, download Remo Repair ZIP software and install it on your computer. Once you open the software, you will be shown with a box where you need to open one of your split ZIP files. After that, click on Repair and wait for some time till the process finishes. As soon as it gets completed, you will get the repaired file. Do this process for each and every split ZIP file and then create a new folder and extract the repaired ZIP files. Now you can open your ZIP file without any errors. You just have to evaluate the full version software key to save the repaired files on your disk drive.

Key Features of Remo Repair ZIP

  • The tool can able to repair ZIP files with cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors and will be able to repair files with larger sizes.
  • It is able to repair ZIP files stored on any physical storage media such as SD cards, USB pen drives, hard disk drives, etc.
  • Supports both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows Operating System and can be installed on all Windows OS till the latest version.
  • It can repair all ZIP files that was compressed using all versions of WinZip software.
  • The tool is very easy to use and has a simple interface. Though, it has very strong repair mechanisms.

Why Splitting ZIP Files?

Users split the ZIP files due to the following reasons. If they use unreliable compression or splitting technique, then there may be chances of corruption in one of the files that affect the entire data or a file. So, here are the reasons.

  • Splitting ZIP files to send them over the network. There may be a limitation while sharing the files over the network, thus users split a large ZIP file into multiple pieces.
  • Splitting the compressed ZIP files while sending email attachments. Some email providers limit the size of the attachment.
  • Splitting for the convenience of the user, in other words splitting for easy access of the different files.

To understand how to extract split ZIP files, do watch the video above as it clearly explains how it is being done.

Download Free Flash Drive Recovery Tool

recover-flash-driveFlash drive is one of the most frequently used for data storage as well as data carrying device. It is capable to save numerous types of data files including documents, pictures, excel, audio, pdf, text file, video, etc. In order to store data, flash drives use integrated USB interface. These flash drives have very large data storage capability, easy to use, rewritable, small in size, removable, portable and transportable. These flash drives are used by people for carrying their significant personal and professional data along with them. Unlike other USB drives, flash drive does not require any data cable to connect with systems. Flash drives are supports all the latest versions of both Mac and Windows systems.

Besides these features of flash drives, flash drives are not free from data deletion or loss. Mostly people face data deletion or loss issue from their flash drives. After encountering such data deletion or loss issue from flash drive, people want to recover it any cost because it can be their important business data which is required for their daily work. In order to recover data from flash drive, people need an advanced third party tool like Flash Drive Data Recovery because there is no other way to recover data from flash drive. This is one of the highly recommended programs for recovering data from flash drive which can be deleted or lost due to any reason very easily.

Most common reasons behind data deletion or loss from flash drive:

Accidental format: Instances of formatting other external or system drive partition of system, if people wrongly select flash drive and format it, and then complete data present on it will get removed permanently.

Virus Infection: These are small program which is capable to delete the data store in flash drive. If flash drive gets attacked with these dangerous viruses, then there is a chance of data deletion or loss from flash drives.

Improper Handling: Removing the flash drive from the system while data transferring or moving process is going on in between can lead to data deletion from both systems as well as from flash drive.

Other Causes:  File system corruption, Accidently deletion, improper handling of flash drive, power surge, interruption between file transferring, etc. can also be a reason behind data deletion from flash drive.

In order to recover data from flash drive which can be deleted or lost in any way as mentioned above, people can utilize Flash Drive Data Recovery application. This software has been developed by expert IT professionals with the help of an advanced scanning algorithm which allows users to perform deep scanning of flash drive and recover each bit of data it was before deletion. With the help of this Flash Drive Data Recovery app, people can easily restore their important data from various flash memory devices such as Solid State Drive, XD card, Compact Flash card, external hard drive, Multimedia card, Secure Digital card, memory stick, pen drive, etc. without any difficulty.

After recovering data by using this app, people can also take the preview of recovered data before saving them to another device.  It is available for both Windows as well as Mac systems. People can utilize Flash Drive Data Recovery tool to recover deleted or lost data on all the latest versions of both operating systems very easy.

Undelelet My Files-Recover Lost or Deleted Files

Recover deleted photoMy Undelete is one of the highly recommended apps for recovering deleted files from storage devices. This recover program is available for both Mac and Windows systems and also supports all the latest versions of both operating systems. It allows people to take the preview of restored files before saving them to other memory location. With the help of this ready to use software, people can undelete files from storage device which supports any file system such as HFS+, NTFS, FAT32, NTFS5 and FAT16 without any difficulty. It is capable to recover more than 300 files from storage devices. Even more, people can also add a new file signature in this utility so that they can easily retrieve particular file in very less amount of time.

If any one of you is facing file deletion issue from their storage device, then they can take the help of this easy to use application and retrieved each bit of info as it was previously. My Undelete tool is capable to recover various types of files such as images, applications, videos, programs, text file, audios, excel files, documents, etc. without much difficulty. This has capability to recover data from formatted, corrupted, reformatted, damaged, inaccessible and not recognized storage drives.

Beside these features of this ready to use software, let us discuss some most common reasons which can lead to file deletion from storage device:

Accidental Deletion: It is one of the most frequent causes behind data deletion from storage device. If a file gets deleted from system drive, then it moves to the recycle bin or trash folder and people can restore it by using restore option easily.  But if files deleted from other external drive, then it gets deleted permanently.

Virus Attack: Virus is small computer program which runs in background and has capability to delete the data saved in storage device. If any storage device gets infected with this dangerous virus, then there is a chance of file deletion from storage device.

File system corruption: If the file system of the storage device gets damaged, then entire data present on the drive become inaccessible. There are a number of reasons which may lead to file system corruption such as improper handling of storage device, power surge, using third party app, etc.

Whatever can be a reason behind data deletion, people can easily restore them by using My Undelete application. This utility is capable to retrieve deleted or lost data on various Mac and Windows based systems such as Win 7, Leopard, Win 8, Yosemite, Win Vista, Win 10, Snow Leopard, Win XP, Mountain Lion, Win Server 2003, Lion Win Server 2008 and Mavericks very easily. Apart from data recovery, it is also advised you to take the backup of your important data on regular basis and use update versions of antivirus to avoid such data deletion or loss issue.

People can take the help of this ready to use My Undelete software to restored files from various storage devices including Pen drive, USB drive, Memory Stick, micro-SD, mini SD card, Secure Digital card, external hard drive, SDHC card, flash drive, solid state device, XD cards, etc. which can be manufactured by any world leading brands including Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, PNY, Panasonic, Lexar, Sony, Dell, Quantum, Lenovo, Iomega, EMC Corporation, Fujitsu, Strontium, G-Technology, LaCie, Maxtor, Buffalo, HP,  and Seagate.

PSD Repair Software to Fix Corrupted or Damaged PSD Files

psd-filePhotoshop is one of the graphics editing application marketing by Adobe System. Adobe developed this software in the year of 1998. This incredible program is available for both Mac and Windows opening system. With the help of this app, users can do a number of operations on pictures to improve the quality such as crop, increase or decrease image sharpness, vary pixels, etc. very easily. Adobe Photoshop saves the files in .psd file extension. It is the default extension of Adobe Photoshop app. But it also allows people to save Adobe file in other file extension according to their need. There are a number of program comes along with Adobe Photoshop including Adobe Fireworks, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Device Central and Adobe Camera RAW.

Adobe Photoshop supports max width and height of a PSD file up to 30,000 pixels and the size can be up to 2 GB. Besides this, sometimes, people may face Adobe PSD file corruption or damaging issue. At the time of opening Photoshop file, it rejects to open and shows some error message. Such type of errors arises due to the damaging of PSD files. After facing such problems with PSD files, people want to repair their precious PSD file because it is also possible that user designed this file after investing lot of time. In order to make this PSD file accessible, people need to take the advantage of an advanced repair program such as PSD Repair Software. Apart from repair tool there is no other way to fix such PSD file related issues. To know more, check this:

Some most common reasons behind PSD file corruption:  

  • During creating or editing Photoshop files, if the application freezes or gets close suddenly then, then it will damage the Adobe PSD file.
  • Opening PSD file with different version of Adobe Photoshop can be a reason behind the damaging of PST file because an older version of Photoshop does not support new functionalities.
  • While moving or copying Adobe PSD file from system to other storage device, if this process gets interrupted due to power surge, improper removal of external drives, etc. may lead to PSD file damaging.
  • Incomplete downloading of PSD file from internet can also be a reason of showing such error message.
  • Apart from these reasons, there are some other causes which may lead to PSD file corruption like using an unreliable third party software, improper installation or upgradation, bad sectors, header corruption, abrupt termination of Adobe Photoshop, damaged storage device, virus attack, etc.

Whatever can be a reason behind Adobe Photoshop damaging, people can easily fix it by using PSD Repair Software. This ready to use app is enough capable to repair damaged PSD file with its color mode like RGB color, duotone, Bitmap, indexed color, multichannel color, gray-scale, etc. People can check the performance of this PSD Repair Software by using demo version. If they are happy with it, then they can buy it. With the help of this utility, people can repair PSD file which was created with any versions of Adobe Photoshop program, including Photoshop5.5, CS, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6. This software is available for both Windows and Mac systems.

Tool to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive, USB, and SSD

In order to save and access the files in your computer you need the hard drive as a storage device. Hard ware is of two types, internal hard drive and external hard drive. Both are used to store the data, but the internal hard drive is the essential part of the computer/laptop, because without the internal hard drive the computer/laptop will not start at all. Apart from the hard drive there are many other storage devices such as USB flash drives, memory cards, CD, DVD, etc. But the main and effective storage device among all the above devices is hard ware.

External-Hard-Drive1In all the above storage devices, hard drive is the main and effective storage device. But unfortunately there are many scenarios that can cause deletion or loss of files from the hard drive. If some of the important files are been deleted in the hard drive and you are in need of those files then it’s very tough time for you and you will be frustrated, because there is no manual way to recover deleted files from hard drive. In such scenarios you need not worry, just simply click and download Recover Deleted Files software.

The Recover Deleted Files software is applicable for different versions of Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 10,) and Mac OS X (Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Mountain Lion). This utility is popular and it is used all around the world, the main reason for its popularity is it is more effective and the interface is very much simple and you can recover the deleted files in just few simple steps.

Save Recovery Session is the unique feature of this software. This session works like this; when the scanning of full hard drive is done to recover the deleted files by using a demo version, after scanning the information of the recovered data can be saved in a particular file. In demo version you cannot save the recovered file, but just can be previewed. In order to save the recovered files you need to purchase the full version of the software. After installing the full version there is no need of rescanning of the hard drive to recover deleted files and can save the recovered files that are saved in a particular file.

There are many causes of deletion of files from the hard drive; some of them are due to accidental deletion, virus infection, delete using Shift + Delete/Command + Delete keys, bypass from Trash/Recycle Bin, empting Recycle Bin/Trash, file system corruption, file header corruption, etc.

If you need any assistance regarding the deletion of file or the software, then you can contact the technical support team and you can solve your problem. This team is available for 24×7 basis and you can contact them via different ways such as phone call, email, online chat, etc.

Learn About Upgrading Your Laptop

There are many types of laptops in the current market, and as days goes on the performance of the laptop will be slow down. To only solution to improve the performance is to associate the upgraded parts. On the other side some of the laptops are not upgradable and some of the laptops are designed in such a way that they can be upgraded.

laptop-SSD-600x337Now the first thing that you need to do is, you should determine is that laptop or notebook is designed to associate upgradable parts or not. There are many models in the current scenario, so it will be difficult for you to determine it, so make use of internet in which you can get all the information regarding your model.

Some of the users who have technical knowledge will open up the laptop to check for upgradable or not. This is not a bad thing to adopt, but the users should have good technical knowledge.

Keyboard comfort and the responsiveness of the trackpad should be considered, because there parts are not upgradable and the easiness to use the notebook is determined in the long run. Other important things are screens, although to live with a screen it is easier to mar by poor viewing angles when compared with a keyboard that may make you feel bad.

For this guide the notebook is being upgraded is an Apple MacBook from late 2008. Its keyboard has the chic let keys have plenty of travel and in the modern smartphones the trackpad is based on the same technology. To open the notebook’s aluminium casing an ordinary Phillips-head screwdriver can also be used.

What parts should I upgrade?

The main parts that are very important to improve the performance are battery, storage drive and RAM. Let us discuss each of the device with details:

  • Random Access Memory (RAM) is the storage that is occupied by the running programs. As many applications you need to run in your device that much of RAM storage is required.
  • Hard disk drives (HDD) are the storage devices that stores long term data such music, video and photos files.
  • Batteries are the trickiest part in the system. This is very important because without the battery the system will not work. So the good performance of the battery is required.