An advanced partition recovery tool

For Microsoft Windows operating systems, the hard drive can be divided into multiple logical units called partitions. Master Boot Record (MBR) contains the Partition Table, which describes the partitions of the hard drive. However, sometimes the partition on the hard drive may get loss due to various situations and it will cause the hard drive data loss. In such kinds of situations, in order to recover lost data from the hard drive, you need to perform partition recovery by making use of superior partition recovery tool.

The corruption of Partition Table information on the hard drive can occur due to various disastrous situations. The situations like Master Boot Record (MBR) failure, accidental formatting or reformatting of hard drive, deletion of partitions after repartitioning the hard drive, deletion of the partition using third party partition utility software and errors encountered while using Disk Management utility for making changes in partitions can cause the loss of partition. However, as a way to recover lost partition on Windows, you have to employ any superior partition recovery software. Let us briefly discuss few case scenarios in which the Partition Table information can be damaged or corrupted.

  • Master Boot Record (MBR) Failure: A Master Boot Record is the beginning sector of a partitioned hard drive. It contains information about how the hard drive is partitioned into multiple logical units. Master Boot Record holds a Partition Table, which describes all the information about partitions of a hard drive and it is also called as a Partition Sector. The improper shutdown of the system caused by power outage may lead to failure of Master Boot Record on the hard drive. When Master Boot Record fails, the partition will be lost and this will lead to loss of data on the hard drive.
  • Accidental deletion of partition: For Microsoft Windows operating systems many third party partitioning utility software are available, among those Partition Magic is the most popular one. Using Partition Magic software, you can either create new partition or modify and delete the existing partition. If you accidentally delete the partition using Partition Magic software then the partition will be lost. This kind of an instance will lead to loss of data on the hard drive.
  • Virus attack: The Partition Table information can be corrupted due to virus attack onto the hard drive. Virus is the piece of code or small program, which can replicate by itself. Viruses are most dangerous stuff, which can affect the system files. If the viruses are present on the hard drive then there are chances to the Partition Table information get corrupt.

Anyhow, you can perform partition recovery and recover lost data from the hard drive with the help of good third party partition recovery software. Windows partition recovery software is one of the best partition recovery software, which can recover lost data from the deleted or damaged partitions. The demo version of this software is available for free on the internet and you can use it to make a trial. You can get it and test the recovery results before going to purchase the software. This software can effectively perform the partition recovery for SATA, SCSI or IDE interfaced hard drives. You can use this software to recover lost data from FAT 16, FAT 32, Ext FAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file system formatted partitions or drives.