Approach to Restore Deleted or Lost Photo Files

Photos are the most favorite possession of all, most of the people love photography and they keep capturing picture of all their single moments. They use digital camera to capture the images and later save then on computer for accessing them whenever required. Have you accidentally performed format operation on a wrong hard disk of your computer and lost all the stored pictures? Are combing over internet to find out a way to restore pictures that are lost after impudent format?

Formatted drive was loaded with essential media files moreover with lots of precious pictures that cannot be recreated again. Just relax, there is no need to worry, as you have picture recovery program that helps you in recovering the lost images with utmost ease at your fingertips. Below are few of the factors that will lead to picture file loss from storage device, take a look.

General reasons under which pictures are lost from storage device are:

  • Your precious pictures from storage device may get deleted due to the usage of some pirated third party software like anti-virus tools installed on computers. This takes place when your pictures are severely infected by viruses and the tool fails to fix making you to face heavy loss of files.
  • Improper turn off the computer when you are moving pictures from removable memory card to computer or vice versa might corrupt the storage device and makes them inaccessible causing data loss. You need picture recovery tool which knows how to find photos from a memory card within short span of time.
  • Abruptly detaching memory card from computer or camera without following its proper exit option will corrupt the storage device, causes inaccessibility of residing pictures and other files, thus leading to loss of your valuable files.
  • Some more reasons are deletion of file using keyboard shortcut keys like Shift+Delete on Windows computer and Command+Delete on Mac system, deleting files using “Delete All” option on camera, file system conversion error, etc.

Some precautionary measures which you should follow in order to cope with above explained scenarios are always keep backup of stored files so that you can retrieve your lost data when you are trapped under data loss situation, use strong power source to prevent sudden system termination, do not use the storage drive to write new contents which prevents overwriting and always eject removable storage drive using proper exit option. These safety tips will avoid the occurrence of data loss situation to some extent. There are cases wherein after taking care of all required steps still people lose their important files. No matter how you have lost your precious images, you can make use of picture recovery toolkit. This software can retrieve lost photos from various storage devices like hard drives, USB drive, external drives, etc. The software runs on both Mac and Windows based computers.

First download the free demo version of this utility and set up installation on the drive of your system. Then in order to run the software, double click the desktop icon and start the recovery process, choose appropriate recovery options that you come across while using this powerful application. On completion of picture file restoration, you can estimate the efficiency of the tool and if you are happy with the retrieved pictures then you can go for its full version from the internet.