How to Restore Files from Corrupted Memory Card?

“Today morning, I copied some pictures and videos to my Smartphone from one of my friends as I don’t have any other storage device except this. When I reached home and switched on my system to transfer those files. While transferring files suddenly my system got shut down due to power failure. When the power came back, I turned on the system to transfer files but I was shocked at that moment, as I encountered an error message stating ‘Disk in the drive not formatted, do you want to format it now?’. Is there any software available in the market which can restore my files from corrupted Memory Cards?”

If you facing such circumstances then don’t get upset and thinking that you have lost your files from memory cards forever. You can restore files from corrupted memory card by using Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software within a few mouse clicks. This software has advanced algorithm as it guarantees 100 % safe recovery of your files within a few seconds.

Reasons that are responsible for the corruption of Memory Card:

Virus Attacks: Virus is the common reason that leads to corruption of memory cards. If the viruses enter into your memory card through any medium like the internet or during file transferring then it may corrupt your files that are stored on your memory cards. As a result, it makes your files inaccessible.

Abrupt Removal: If you remove your memory card abruptly from card reader when you are accessing files or during transferring of files from memory card to a system then it leads to corruption of memory card. Moreover, the chances of data loss are higher in such cases.

File System Corruption: File system stores all information of the storage device like memory card information. If anyhow it gets corrupted then it may corrupt your files which are stored on your memory card.

Formatting of Memory Card: Sometimes memory card shows some error like “Format Error”. These errors prompt you to format the memory card to avoid any kind of damage. Formatting of memory cards leads to deletion of all files stored on it.

Power Surge: At the time of transferring files from memory card to system or vice-versa due to power failure if your system shutdown suddenly then there is a high possibility that memory card gets corrupted.

Point to remember to avoid data loss from Memory Cards:

  • Always keep a backup of your important files in some storage device in order to avoid such issues.
  • Use updated antivirus to prevent your system from virus attacks.

Unique features of Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software:

  • This software restores files from corrupted memory card of different types such as SD card, CF cards, SDHC cards, xD cards, MMC cards, etc.
  • It also restores deleted or lost files from system hard drive, flash drive, pen drive, flash drive, memory sticks, USB drive, etc.
  • This tool recovers various media files formats such as MP3, MP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI, PNG, JPEG, JPG, TIF, GIF, PSD, M4V, WAV, etc.
  • The software has Preview option which allows users to preview the recovered results before saving it to a particular place.
  • This software is capable of restoring files from memory card data of different popular brands such as Samsung, Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, etc.
  • It can restore media files after reformatting of a memory card.

Effective Way to Fix Outlook PST File

MS Outlook is the most popular application that serves as an email client on Windows operating systems. Outlook provides the users with outstanding options that are user-friendly. One can simply access the mail account details of Outlook profile in offline mode i.e. with no network connection. It stores attribute like emails, contacts, tasks, journals, calendars, etc on a single PST file.

Outlook data gets stored on the system hard drive with file extension .pst or .ost i.e. Personal Storage Table and Offline Storage Table. Outlook PST file may get corrupt due to various reasons. An inbox repair tool known as scanpst.exe is used for fixing corrupted PST file in Microsoft Outlook. But, sometimes Inbox repair tool fails to repair Outlook PST file. In such circumstances, you can fix damaged or corrupted PST file with the help of Fix PST software.

Reasons behind the corruption of Outlook PST file:

Virus Attack: Mainly PST file may get corrupted due to the severe virus or malware effects that enter into the system via different sources.  As a result, these viruses make your PST file inaccessible.

Storage Device Failure: If PST file is saved on bad sectors of a hard drive, the entire or some PST file may get corrupted or inaccessible. Usually, bad sectors are formed due to the presence of severe virus and malware on your hard drive.

Improper Closing of Outlook: While you are accessing any PST file on Outlook due to power failure or sudden system shutdown, your Outlook terminates improperly. As a result, your PST file may get inaccessible.

Usage over Network: Usage of MS Outlook PST file over a network by multiple users at a time may results in corruption due to interruptions. Interruption occurs due to either system conflicts or problem with network connection.

Other Reasons: There are many other reasons behind corruption or damaged of PST file such as compacting of PST file, usage of PST file over a network, Outlook up-gradation, oversized PST file, improper recovery, due to operating large emails at a time, etc.

Some of the precautionary measures to be taken to avoid corruption of PST file:

  • After the completion of work, close your Outlook profile properly.
  • Updated Antivirus software must be used on the PST file containing important data to avoid virus attack.
  • Always keep proper backup of PST.

Features of Fix PST software:

  • It fixes PST file errors on all versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000.
  • Fix PST software is compatible to repair PST file on all versions of Windows such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, etc.
  • This software easily repairs and recovers all attributes of the OST file including contacts, emails, tasks, calendar, journals, etc.
  • One of the unique features of this tool is that it has Preview option which allows the users to view the repaired PST file items. If users are satisfied with the repaired results then they can activate the software with its full version.

When is a file truly deleted forever?

Files deleted from a computer are not removed. They do not simply vanish into the air leaving no trace of the information they hold. Actually, the only thing changed when a file is deleted is the name of the area the file was in. Instead of saying ABC file the hard drive now say available space. This allows that area to have new information written to it. But, until that section is overwritten several times, the data stored is completely available. This presents a tremendous problem when disposing of an older PC or upgrading a drive. Anyone with a data recovery program can tap into those files and copy the information they hold. Now if all that is on them is a letter to your grandmother there is no problem. But should your PC hold sensitive data such as business plans or records then you are at risk for problems such as credit card fraud and identity theft?

The solution to this problem is to download REMO File Shredder. This user-friendly program will quickly erase all traces of any file from your PC. Even temporary Internet files are scrambled so that no one can ever track your online movements.

Step by Step Instructions to Retrieve Files from SD Memory Card

Memory cards are the most excellent external storage devices. These are used on various electronic devices. There are different types of memory cards available, among which the most commonly used is the SD memory card. SD card is the best storage device to hold files such as pictures, videos, songs etc. on various gadgets. It is popularly used due to its small size, large storage capacity and compatibility. These outstanding features of SD card have forced people to make use of it. However, all these media data can go in vain when terrible situations occur that may lead to deletion or loss these media data from SD memory card. But, don’t worry! You can now effortlessly restore files from SD card with the help of proficient memory card file recovery software. This utility efficiently helps to recover memory card file.

Causes for deletion or loss of files from SD memory card

  • Unintentional deletion of files from SD memory card on devices, while navigating through the options provided by the device
  • Accidentally deleting necessary media files instead of unwanted data to create free space on SD memory card
  • While transferring files from SD card to computer or vice versa, if there is any kind of interruption then it may lead to loss of media files on SD memory card
  • If you use the same SD card on different devices or on different systems then it might lead to loss of files

It is recommended to discontinue using your SD card after any data loss condition on your SD memory card because you add any original data to your SD card the new data might get overwritten which in turn makes recovery difficult.

Though, with the help of trustworthy memory card file recovery software, you can overcome from any of the circumstances stated above. This tool has the capability to achieve SD memory card file recovery within a couple of minutes.

Key features of memory card file recovery software

The memory card file recovery software is one such software which easily helps you to get back files from SD card. It can recover both deleted as well as lost files from your SD memory card due to various others reasons (apart from the reasons mentioned above). With the help of this application, you can also restore files from different types of memory card that includes XD card, CF card, SDXC card, MMC, SDHC card, etc with ease. It not only helps you to recover lost files from SD card but helps you to recover files from damaged, formatted, re-formatted SD memory card. This utility also supports the recovery of media files from the digital camera and from other different electronic devices. It facilitates to restore files from SD card on  Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008 operating systems as well as on all the latest versions of Mac operating systems.

Furthermore, it assists you to recover media files from brands like SanDisk, Kingston, HP, Transcend and many more. Make use of the free demo version of the app. If you are satisfied with the obtained results, then you can purchase the software.

Best way to recover pictures

Today, everybody takes snaps to capture special moments. Pictures serve as a reminder of a memorable moment, so no one can bear the loss of pictures. Yet a few times disaster occurs because of which you might end up with losing pictures. Pictures may be captured using cell phones or digital cameras & the pictures that are captured are saved on memory card. You might likewise store your photos in a hard drive of a computer as it is acknowledged to be the most secure place. But as no storage device can be spared from corruption, so a loss of files can happen at any point in time.  Now you must be going insane thinking how to find all missing pictures from the storage device. Don’t be tensed!!! You can get back missing pictures by making the utilization of picture recovery software.

Assume you went on an excursion with your friends; you have taken pictures of lovely places. You returned to your hotel & now you needed to view pictures on your laptop. You began transferring pictures to your portable computer by means of a card reader utilizing cut + paste option. All of a sudden you see your laptop is running out of battery & it turned down. At the time you put on the charger & switch it on again you discover that all pictures are gone. You have about 100 pictures & all went missing. You may be disheartened!!! Don’t be, you can try recover picture tool to get back photos from your card or external device.

Let us discuss some reason that may lead you to lose images from storage device:

  • Unintentional deletion: It is the most well-known issue that is confronted by the greater part of the individuals. When your memory card or external hard drive is connected to your computer & if you erase picture while previewing them, then it will be removed from the system as it bypasses the recycle bin. You might also erase picture utilizing Shift + Delete option, then also you may come across picture file loss scenarios on your PC as this option lead to file deletion from the system permanently. By making use of picture recovery tool you will know how to recover accidentally deleted photos.
  • Formatting drive: You may format your card when connected to your PC or drive containing pictures accidentally while formatting other drives. Formatting means complete removal of pictures from the drive. Sometimes, due to virus intrusion, your drive may get damaged as a result of which you may get an error message. You will be compelled to format the drive, formatting will make your drive free from corruption but you will end up with severe data loss.
  • Abrupt removal of card: If you pull out the external storage device or memory card all of a sudden without proper exit option while copying or transferring then also your card or drive may get damaged because of which you will not be able to access pictures from it.
  • Power surges: If your PC is turned down due to power fluctuation when you are exchanging pictures from an external storage device to your computer then there is a chance for loss of pictures from it.
  • Other reasons for loss: Other reasons like clicking on pictures when a battery of your camera or cell phone is low, consistently clicking on pictures without giving it an opportunity to process, external threats & so on causes picture loss from it. Because of this reasons, you may be unable to access pictures from it


These are the most well-known scenario that is confronted by the vast majority of the individuals. To get rid of this issue, the best option is to make utilization of Digital Picture recovery tool. You can likewise take backup of most beloved pictures in your external storage drive, however, there is no assurance that your photos will be protected in that device as accidents tend to happen anytime from any storage device.

Photo recovery tool is a perfect solution to get back all missing pictures from any storage media. It is excellent software that uses a strong algorithm to scan the whole drive & retrieves pictures on the basis of their signatures.  In addition to this, it also restores missing pictures & sorts them on the basis of size, type & creation date. It runs easily on all forms of Windows & Mac machines. It can also be work on  MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini & so on.

MacBook is a notebook designed & developed by Apple Inc. It is extremely light weighted & is additionally enhanced by many characteristics. It provides high storage capacity, high performance, and long battery life. In spite of its extraordinary characteristics, there is a risk that you may lose pictures from it. Don’t panic!!! You can make utilization of picture recovery tool to know how to retrieve deleted photos from MacBook.

To perform the restoration process you need to download the utility. After that install and launch it. After the recovery program is over you can view the list of recovered files. However, you can save them only when you buy the tool. So if you are fulfilled with the recovery result you can go for the full version of the tool.

Outlook file losses can be overcome with one helpful tool

Outlook Express is the email client provided free with Microsoft Windows. It is a great email system but prone to certain problems when you compressed and unzip Outlook Express files they are particularly apt to lose data and become corrupted. When this problem occurs you will need software designed to recognize damage Express MBX files and restore them. Currently, the best program available for this purpose is REMO Outlook Express Recovery Software.

As with all REMO programs this one is designed to be used by anyone regardless of their computer experience. If you can send an email you can use a REMO program to rescue lost files. For those using Microsoft Outlook REMO also has a program built to accomplish swift PST repair. PST files are the extension used on Outlook the full-blown version of Outlook Express.

Is it possible to repair corrupt MP4 videos file?

These days MP4 video file corruption issue is quite common, most of the users are encountered this problem. Like sometimes MP4 video file is not working properly, sometimes MP4 video is there but audio is not playing properly, MP4 video is playing in slow mode, when trying to play MP4 video file an error message pops up. These complications are arising due to MP4 video files corruption, which in turn leads to inaccessibility of MP4 video. How can I fix my mp4 videos on my computer is the most common question asked by users.

This problem can be solved out from the root with video repair program. This tool comes with different software name according to the file format for example for DIVX file repair DIVX tool or for AVI file repair AVI tool and for MOV file repair MOV tool. Before moving toward MP4 video repair process, let’s discuss some MP4 video corruption source. It may help you to comprehend the causes of MP4 video corruption. If your video is stored in a removable drive, it may get corrupt because of improper ejection of the drive. Some common reasons are:

  1. Interruptions during file transfer process can also corrupt your MP4 video files.
  2. Sudden power failure during video file transfer,  from one device to another device also leads to the file corruption
  3. If the MP4 video is running on your own system and abnormally your system reboots, this abrupt shutdown can corrupt header of your video file.
  4. Sometimes video file gets corrupt while changing its file format.

To get over from such severe problems, video repair program is the most suitable option to repair Mp4 videos. With the help of this tool, you can easily repair corrupted and damaged video files. It supports all famous versions of Windows and Mac OS. This program is developed with a special algorithm which can separately repair audio and video files and join them later and makes it a playable.

Precautions never harm so take some safety measures to prevent your video file from corruption. Like, don’t take video while camera battery is low. Use reliable power supply, in order to avoid an abrupt shutdown. Don’t avoid safely remove option before removing external drives. To protect your system files from virus infection, use an antivirus program. Backup your important file it will be helpful for you at the situation of data loss.

But, these precautions surely work in case you follow it properly. But precautions are simply not the conclusion, as there are many scenarios which are unknown and may corrupt your videos. At such situation for repairing your corrupt video files go-ahead and download a trial version of video repair tool and evaluate the result. If you’re very pleased with the results of the trial version then download its full version to save your repaired video.

Using this tool you can not only repair the MP4 file but also movies files. With this advance utility, it is simple to repair corrupted video file on various storage drive such as hard drive, iPod, digital camera, flash cards, etc. It can even repair DIVX movies of larger size. It separately repairs video and audio track and later on adjoins them to create a playable video file. In this tool, you can also preview a repaired file before saving.

To repair MP4 video file download and install DIVX Repair tool on your computer. Open the software and stick to the onscreen procedures. Select the corrupt MP4 file, which you want to mend. Click on “Repair” button start the repair process. The software scans and repairs the corrupted MP4 file in a few minutes. Through progress bar, you can view repair process. As scanning process completes, software displays repaired the MP4 file.

Simple Way to Repair Repair Outlook PST File

A large number of people use the MS Outlook 2007 which will come from having attributes like calendar, task manager, notes, contact manager, RSS feeds, meeting requests, etc. You keep your day to day information’s, emails, contact list, etc. in Outlook file that is PST. The Outlook 2007 stores just the 20 GB data in the PST file. The PST file is nothing but Personal Storage Table which stores all emails and Outlook related contents or attributes. If the PST file gets oversize than its maximum data storage limitation there are chances of loss of data out of this PST file. Such as this there are lots of reasons with the result that your PST file may get corrupt.

Some of those reasons with the result that your PST file may get corrupt are just like,

  • When the PST file exceeds in size, then it won’t work.
  • While sharing the PST file within the network in an organization.
  • Due to changing the default PST file location.
  • The PST file could get damaged due to virus infection.
  • Due to accidental deletion of PST file.
  • A power surge can be a reason for damaged PST file.

Once the PST file gets damaged, Outlook fails to work because of all the data the stored PST file like emails, tasks, contacts, calendar events, etc. may get corrupt. In such type of situation, you want to repair MS Outlook PST file and get back your data. There are lots of 3rd party software are available to repair the PST file and also perform data recovery. But these tools do not work correctly. You need an advanced program which enables you to repair and recover data from PST files. Repair PST is one of such utility that enables you to recover and repair the damaged PST file. This application allows you to recover the information from corrupted Oversized PST file, helps you to recover e-mail that is deleted from Outlook profiles, together with emails the software helps you to recover folders, calendar events, contact information, meeting requests, tasks that are kept in Outlook, RSS feeds, journals, etc.

But before this, there are several protective measures which enable you to definitely prevent the data loss, some of those are just like, keeping a regular backup of the PST files, Keeping updated antivirus in your system, etc. These are very basic precautions you are able to take care, but still, if you’re facing exactly the same loss of data problems, then, you can use the Repair PST tool for Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2010 and also for Outlook 2000 to recover the data and repair the PST file. The software helps you to scan your PST file and extract data from it. Repair PST application to create a new PST folder which lets you restore back your lost data out of your Outlook profile. The software’s inbuilt search Option allows you to search the place of the PST file and also to recover them. You can easily download this software and you can fix the damaged PST file. You don’t have to have any technical knowledge to make use of this software everyone should take very easily. The software allows you to restore and also to repair very badly damaged PST file.

PSD Repair Software to Fix Corrupted or Damaged PSD Files

psd-filePhotoshop is one of the graphics editing application marketing by Adobe System. Adobe developed this software in the year of 1998. This incredible program is available for both Mac and Windows opening system. With the help of this app, users can do a number of operations on pictures to improve the quality such as crop, increase or decrease image sharpness, vary pixels, etc. very easily. Adobe Photoshop saves the files in the .psd file extension. It is the default extension of Adobe Photoshop app. But it also allows people to save Adobe file in another file extension according to their need. There are a number of the program comes along with Adobe Photoshop including Adobe Fireworks, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Device Central and Adobe Camera RAW.

Adobe Photoshop supports max width and height of a PSD file up to 30,000 pixels and the size can be up to 2 GB. Besides this, sometimes, people may face Adobe PSD file corruption or damaging issue. At the time of opening Photoshop file, it rejects to open and shows some error message. Such type of errors arises due to the damaging of PSD files. After facing such problems with PSD files, people want to repair their precious PSD file because it is also possible that user designed this file after investing lot of time. In order to make this PSD file accessible, people need to take the advantage of an advanced repair program such as PSD Repair Software. Apart from repair tool, there is no other way to fix such PSD file related issues.

Some most common reasons behind PSD file corruption:  

  • During creating or editing Photoshop files, if the application freezes or gets close suddenly then, then it will damage the Adobe PSD file.
  • Opening PSD file with a different version of Adobe Photoshop can be a reason behind the damaging of PST file because an older version of Photoshop does not support new functionalities.
  • While moving or copying Adobe PSD file from system to another storage device, if this process gets interrupted due to power surge, improper removal of external drives, etc. may lead to PSD file damaging.
  • Incomplete downloading of PSD file from the internet can also be a reason for showing such error message.
  • Apart from these reasons, there are some other causes which may lead to PSD file corruption like using an unreliable third-party software, improper installation or upgrades, bad sectors, header corruption, abrupt termination of Adobe Photoshop, damaged storage device, virus attack, etc.

Whatever can be a reason behind Adobe Photoshop damaging, people can easily fix it by using PSD Repair Software. This ready the to use app is enough capable to repair damaged PSD file with its color mode like RGB color, duotone, Bitmap, indexed color, multichannel color, gray-scale, etc. People can check the performance of this PSD Repair Software by using demo version. If they are happy with it, then they can buy it. With the help of this utility, people can repair PSD file which was created with any versions of Adobe Photoshop program, including Photoshop5.5, CS, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6. This software is available for both Windows and Mac systems.

Try Out This File Repair Software for FREE

A file stored on your computer may at times fail to respond and the major reason behind this inaccessibility is file corruption. It is regarded as the change in the code of file from its original form which can be intentional or unintentional. Corruption can happen in any manner and even a tiny modification can result in a breakdown of file eventually leaving the file useless.

repair software

Causes of file corruption

  • Corruption generally occurs due to user’s fault such as deleting or altering important files that shouldn’t be, malicious activity (virus intrusion) and device failure (such as bad sectors that need to be repaired)
  • Every file is associated with a header which stores basic information of the file such as file size, type and other information regarding the file. Thus if there is any missing information in header or if the header is damaged then you will find the file corrupted
  • When the lost files are recovered inappropriately then it may miss some of the important info due to which it may result inaccessible
  • CRC / ECC codes mismatch can cause errors while accessing the file, the mismatch can happen when the file is incompletely transferred or when the file is incompletely downloaded
  • Round-tripping is a trick which is usually applied if you want to access a file with different file format, for example, change doc file extension to docx file extension or vice versa can at time put you in much trouble

Apart from the above-mentioned causes, there is a number of reasons which can lead to file corruption, but at the same time, you can hope for file recovery by using file repair software.

Qualities of File Repair Software

  • User interface used in file repair software is much simplified and do not require much technical knowledge to handle the tool
  • The tool can repair damaged files of larger size
  • It can repair corrupt files even if the files are encrypted or compressed, but at the same time it maintains the privacy and the confidentiality of the file
  • Supports various kinds of files: Outlook files (PST and OST file), Word files (DOC and DOCX), Archives (ZIP, ZIPX, RAR), PowerPoint files (PPT, PPS, PPTX), Video files (MOV, MP4, M4V and AVI), Photoshop file (PSD)
  • The software is free from all kind of malfunction and virus infection that is associated with other faulty programs. Thus due to this, it is regarded as the safest tool to repair damaged files
  • The process of repair involves read-only measures to fix the issues related to the file; hence it does not alter the actual file
  • You can avail free support from the technical support to solve any of your queries relating to software
  • The best part of the software is it allows you to preview the repaired file even without purchasing the tool. By this way, one can judge the possibilities of file repair before purchasing the tool
  • This simple but effective tool requires very less amount of storage space for installation on your computer

Safety Measures

Do not download any file from untrusted site as there are possibilities of virus invasion

Always have backup of your important files as you can restore them whenever needed