Best tool to recover data from hard drive

Nowadays, the hard disk is introduced into the market with its best features includes easy accessibility, more durability, and increased memory space up to terabytes. Many users prefer hard disk to store data includes audio, video, office documents and other data stuff. However, data stored on the hard disk may get less, due to some uncertain situation and makes user to fall in trouble. Have you ever come across precious data loss and looking for best data recovery software to get back? If yes then do not worry, this article will give detailed information about how to recover data from hard drive. Windows 7 hard drive recovery tool is one of the best data recovery tools in the market, which recovers all types of data from hard drive with irrespective of reasons. This tool comprises of effective built-in algorithms, which performs deep scanning of hard drive to locate lost files and folders and finally, recover them efficiently. Moreover, it is a user-friendly tool, which makes recovery process easy for a novice user.

What reasons make you to lose data from hard drive?

Formatting or reformatting: Consider you intended to have dual booting facility in your system in order to perform other different task and to make your system robust in accessing file efficiently. In order to install OS, you decide format drive F, which is, consists of unwanted data but while format if you accidentally format other drive E which is consists of vital data such as office documents which is much required by user then it results in huge vital data loss. Similarly, while reformatting the OS if you perform low level formatting then it results in permanent data loss from a hard disk.

File header corruption: In a hard disk, a file header contains vital information of files such as type, modified date, created date, size etc. This information is very needed to access files and folders are stored on a hard disk partition. Incase if any damage or corruption occurs in these files then you are unable to access any files and folders and results in loss of data.  In this scenario use, this tool to rescue data from hard drive on both Windows and Mac OS based machines in a simple way.

Improper file system conversion: In a hard disk, converting file system dynamically from older version to a higher version is acceptable but higher to lower i.e. NTFS to FAT32 file system is not practice but if you do so or failed to perform complete file conversion due to interruption then it results in inaccessible hard drive and stored data might get loose.

However, data lost from hard drive, by using data recovery tool one can execute data recovery from hard drive and rescues all data. This tool also performs data recovery from formatted hard drive on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 etc. You can check its efficiency of recovering data exclusively by using its demo version, which is freely available on websites. In the demo version, just you can see recovered files but there is no option to save those files. If you are satisfied with obtaining results in the demo version, then buy this product and save those recovered files to your disk.