When is a file truly deleted forever?

Files deleted from a computer are not removed. They do not simply vanish into the air leaving no trace of the information they hold. Actually, the only thing changed when a file is deleted is the name of the area the file was in. Instead of saying ABC file the hard drive now say available space. This allows that area to have new information written to it. But, until that section is overwritten several times, the data stored is completely available. This presents a tremendous problem when disposing of an older PC or upgrading a drive. Anyone with a data recovery program can tap into those files and copy the information they hold. Now if all that is on them is a letter to your grandmother there is no problem. But should your PC hold sensitive data such as business plans or records then you are at risk for problems such as credit card fraud and identity theft?

The solution to this problem is to download REMO File Shredder. This user-friendly program will quickly erase all traces of any file from your PC. Even temporary Internet files are scrambled so that no one can ever track your online movements.

How to recover deleted Word files from NTFS partition?

You may delete or lose Word files from your NTFS partition due to many situations like deletion of file or documents, accidental deletion of partition, formatting or re-formatting the drive or partitions, file system corruption, virus attack, hard disk failure or software malfunctions and power fluctuations etc. In this situation you may not be able to access saved Word files from hard drive. But still you can recover those deleted or lost Word files from NTFS partition by using good NTFS File recovery software, which allows you to restore Word document files from corrupted or deleted NTFS partitions.

When you delete a file from your hard drive, the file does not get deleted completely only the pointers to the file get deleted. The Operating System marks the space as free space used for saving new files. But still you can find the deleted files on the hard drive. Using this NTFS file recovery software you can easily recover deleted word files from NTFS drive or partition.

Now you can Download Remo Recover (Windows) Basic edition software at free of cost. This software uses deep scan technology to recover deleted files this software scans the entire hard drive to restore files from even the most severely corrupted hard drives. NTFS recovery software is a professional file recover software, it is possible to recover data from a reformatted partitions (and from FAT or NTFS file system), corrupted hard drive, deleted or missing partition.

How to select good NTFS file recovery software?

Based on your requirement select a good NTFS file recovery software by reading articles and blogs about the software. The selected software should be capable of recovering data from different data loss circumstances. Check the software recover files from various file type like MS Word files (doc and docx), MS Excel (xls), MS PowerPoint (ppt), images, audio and video files etc. Make sure the software allows you to preview recovered files before saving. This option helps you to identify recovered files easily. Before installing the software check the system requirement for installing the software, RAM and free space to store recovered data. Always download the demo version of NTFS file recovery software to validate the capability of software in recovering deleted files. Check whether the software company has a good customer support either through (phone or chat) to trouble shoots your queries. Follow the few simple steps to recover deleted Word files from NTFS partition.

  • Remove the hard drive from the computer and connect it to an another computer as a secondary storage device to recover Word files from NTFS partition
  • Download and install demo version of the software to recover word files from the NTFS partition or drive
  • Run the software to the evaluate the software in recovering deleted files
  • Based on the demo version results buy the software to recover deleted documents, images, audio and video files from NTFS partition
  • Follow the instructions and according to that recover deleted Word files from NTS partition or drive

Recover files deleted from Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin in the Windows Operating system helps to store some files that have been deleted, either accidentally or intentionally. If you working no Windows Operating system by accidentally if you delete a file from your hard drive, which directly sends those files into Windows Recycle Bin. Later it is possible to recover those deleted files from Recycle Bin.  It is possible to undelete files from Recycle Bin as long as the files are available in the Windows Recycle Bin.

Sometimes you will not be able to find the deleted file in Recycle Bin due to various reasons like deleting a file using Shift+Delete key combination, if the deleted or lost files are in too large compare to Recycle Bin size the gets deleted bypassing Windows Recycle Bin, accidentally empting the Recycle Bin etc. in such cases you cannot be able to restore files from the Recycle Bin. In such situations to get back deleted or emptied files from Recycle Bin you need to use good Recycle Bin Recovery software.

How to select good recover software?

Now days there are many data recovery software are available in the market before selecting the software follow the few steps give below:

  • Read articles and blogs about the product through internet, make sure the you are reading valid article
  • Check the software recovers data from various data loss situations like accidentally deleted drives, deleted partitions, and re-partitioned hard drives etc.
  • Make sure the software is capable of recovering data from various file formats like (like doc, xls, mdb, dbf, or dwg, dxf etc)
  • Check whether the software supports recovery of deleted or lost files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT partitions / drives
  • Ensure the software recover deleted files from laptop, external hard drive, USB drives, FireWire Drive, Memory cards, Flash drives etc.
  • Make sure the software allows you to preview recovered deleted files before saving. This preview option helps you to identify the deleted file easily.
  • Check the system requirements  of the software before  installing the because the recovery software should not overwrite the deleted or existing files
  • Before finalizing the software makes sure the software is Read only application, it do not involves any read or write  operation
  • Always download the demo edition of the software to check the ability of the software in recovering deleted or lost files.

Once if you are satisfy with the demo edition results you can buy the software to recover delete or lost files from Window Recycle Bin. Before downloading the full version of the application check the software comes with good customer supports to resolve your quires while recovering deleted or lost files.  Ensure that you payment gateway is secure and buy the full version of the software and recover deleted files from Windows Operating system. Follow the few simple steps to recover files from Recycle Bin

  • Connect a hard drive to another working computer as a secondary device
  • Download and Install recycle bin recovery software to the computer  to which you connected your hard drive
  • Run the software  to recover deleted files
  • Follow the instruction and according to that retrieve deleted files

Erase Data from hard drive

Secure erasure of data is a constant issue with second hand hardware, particularly hard drives, but potentially any device using storage. Even non-persistent memory, that is designed to clear itself when a device is switched off, can be vulnerable – as studies have shown it is possible to recovery this with appropriate procedures.

When you erase a file on your computer, the actual data in the file is not overwritten. The space utilized by that file is simply marked as “free” for use by other data. Once other data is written in that space, the original data becomes unrecoverable. Those little bits of magnetic media that store 0’s and 1’s are a bit more complex, however, and recovery of data becomes impossible, after the hard drive has been overwritten.

The method to securely erase data is to write over the same physical spot on the hard disk multiple times with different patterns, effectively obliterating the magnetic signatures of the data which was once there. This can be made possible by the use of a good data shredding software.

REMO Shredder software makes use of a powerful shredding algorithm to erase data from the hard drive. The software makes use of several military and government approved shredding patterns to shred data. The software also lets you shred free space from the hard drive.

Protection of your PC on a daily basis

Data backup is one of the most important, yet neglected areas of computing. The effectiveness of the backup depends on the frequency at which backup is performed. Most PC users prefer to take a backup of their data on a daily basis, while others, on a monthly basis.

While some users prefer to just take a backup of their data, on a daily basis, others go a step further to permanently delete files from their PC, after a complete backup has been taken by them. This is useful in cases where confidential data is involved, or at places where chances of data misuse is potentially high. There exists another method in which you can protect your confidential data. This is by scheduling a complete erasure task, at system start-up. In this way, permanently delete files from your hard drive, every time you restart your PC.

REMO Shredder lets you do this easily with a few mouse clicks. The software lets you schedule shredding tasks on particular date, at a particular time. REMO Shredder lets you choose between nine different shredding methods based on different security levels. The software also lets you shred free space, by completely erasing even the deleted data from the drive.

How to recover Outlook Express *.dbx files?

Outlook Express is bundled with Internet Explorer and uses *.dbx files for storing e-mails. It is a different application as compared to ‘Microsoft Office Outlook’ e-mail client which comes with Microsoft Office for Windows. Each mailbox in Outlook Express has its own file with the extension of .dbx (like inbox.dbx, drafts.dbx, sent.dbx etc). And all these *.dbx files are stored in a single folder and the default path where outlook stores dbx file is:

“C:\Documents & Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{SDOCE8ABD-5896-3E3D5}\Microsoft\Outlook Express”

Where ‘Administrator’ is the user’s logon ID and the value in curly-brackets {} is an arbitrary string.

Since Outlook Express stores its email messages in separate files of .dbx format, it is not always possible to scan your mailbox for viruses and clean it. Some antivirus programs that are available do not support the scanning of .dbx files due to which your mailbox can become the source of infection. These files experience data loss not only due to virus attach but can also become corrupt and damage due to large size or copying and moving to a different computer.

If you experience such data loss, you will have to use a utility to recover outlook express *.dbx files. Remo Recover Outlook Express Software is a tool designed for recovering accidentally deleted Outlook Express, e-mail messages from any “dbx/mbx” archive or to repair damaged *.dbx files where Outlook Express stores folders containing e-mail messages.

To reapir dbx i nbox using Remo Recover Outlook Express Software is very easy. This e-mail recovery software is accompanied by an on-screen “wizard”; which guides you through the recovery of lost e-mails from “dbx” files step by step. When all is accomplished you will get all the recovered e-mails or repaired outlook folder. This software repairs damaged *.dbx files and recovers *.eml files in the selected destination folder.

The main highlight of this software is that it recovers emails in .eml format that can be easily imported. Where you just need to select the emails you wish to import to Outlook Express, drag and drop to a specified Outlook Express folder. Or just double-click the .eml files to read them.

Necessary help for Linux file storage glitches

I have just purchased a new HP netbook. While this unit is running Windows XP my previous netbook which I gave to a relative ran Linux. To be truthful the Linux ran faster, even with a slower processor. I bought the new unit primarily for its larger screen. Linux has few frills but is definitely a fast system. Another interesting facet of the Linux OS is that there is a ton of free support online for the system. Unlike Windows where Microsoft wants to parcel out help at a price. Linux is free for everyone. As such there is a great deal of help available. For data recovery of files stored on Linux the best choice is currently Linux Recovery Software. Linux is a fabulous operating system but sometimes its speed results in files being thrown by the wayside. When Linux files get lost or damaged Linux Recovery Software is there to retrieve them.

How you can restore missing partitions in Windows

Early versions of Windows use file allocation tables (FAT 16 FAT 32) to divide up the space on hard drives and then provide quick access to the data stored. Newer versions use NTFS storage. Each of these as with any kind of hard drive dividing system is subject to failure if a PC is shut down abruptly during start up. A simple power surge or rollover by a power company is enough to cause a problem resulting in corrupted files. When this occurs, you may suddenly find yourself facing a bright blue error screen telling you that crucial files needed to start your computer are no longer available. Many people either reformat their PC when this happens or actually replace the entire computer! All that is needed is a program for partition recovery such as REMO Windows Data Recovery Software. This powerful program can scan an entire hard drive in seconds and quickly recover those missing files.

Speedy recovery of important digital files

My company does a great deal of ecommerce development. Currently we are putting together a site that sells trophies and awards online. There are thousands of items that need to be written about and have image files made for. Also we are taking the photos ourselves so we are constantly loading files onto a PC and then deleting the camera files. Needless to say it is far too easy to accidentally delete files before they are downloaded. When this happens we can lose several hours work from the photographer. This is far too expensive to lose and for that reason we have on all of our PC desktops a bundle of programs for file recovery from REMO.

REMO has a program to recover lost files to fit any situation. Almost every REMO program has multiple uses such as recovery of data from flash drives or camera smart cards. Whether you lose data before you download it or after REMO data recovery programs will find it and restore it for you.

Recovering data from computer systems both large and small

Many of the new netbooks being sold are using a Linux distribution operating system. These are perfectly suited to computers with slower processors used for simple tasks. Of course all of the new Macbooks are running the latest version of Apple OS and netbooks built with the Atom processor from Intel are use Windows XP. These new super portable mini-laptops are great but once their small sized hard drives begin to fill up they can lose data as partitions are damaged. When this happens the solution is a targeted program to recover lost data from REMO.

REMO has data recovery software for any operating system used on any kind of PC. Whether you have an Acer Netbook running Linux Ubuntu or an Asus desktop with a 22 inch screen running Windows Seven REMO has built a program to help you recover data quickly.