How to recover deleted or lost data from the partition

Partition is often a part of a hard drive. In case if you partition a hard disk, you created it meant for storing the files and OS separately. Various partitions of one hard disk drive appear as separate drives for the OS. Users are often partitioning hard drive for the simplicity of viewing the files within the system. They’re able to keep the various partitions or drives by naming like videos, music, documents etc.

Suppose you’ve formatted or lost data from one of one’s important partitions. You can look at this article to have the information about disk partition recovery software. You don’t need to worry whenever you lost data because this software can recover data from iomega external drive and then any other storage media in all of the data loss situations.

A few of the reasons which cause data loss from the drive are explained below:

  • When you’re going to partitioning the drive for reinstalling OS, you’ll receive a dialog box to format the partition. In cases like this, you could possibly format the wrong partition and you’re likely to end up with loss of data.
  • When you’re going to re-partitioning a drive so that you can alter the file system from FAT to NTFS, there’s a chance that you’re going to lose data from that partition.
  • When you’re creating the partition or resizing the partition by using inbuilt disk management tool, then you might lose data from the present drive in case you have less knowledge about disk management tool.
  • Sometimes you could possibly format the incorrect partition. You might want to format ‘D’ partition but mistakenly you might have formatted its adjacent ‘E’ partition. It is going to cause data loss.
  • In case viruses have corrupted or deleted your important files and you had formatted the partition, accidentally, all the important data within that partition or drive might be lost.
  • The partition will also gain corrupt because of virus attack.

In every one of the above reasons, we can recover our lost data from the partition using the best partition recovery software.

The most effective disk partition recovery software package is an excellent tool to recoup all of your lost data from the corrupted, deleted or formatted partition. It supports file recovery for FAT and NTFS partitions. It uses a complex algorithm to retrieve the lost data including files, documents, images, audio/video files etc. Demo version of the software program is available on company website. One can easily download it totally free, that will scan your complete partition within a couple of minutes and provides the list of lost file. If you had pleased with a trial version of this tool, you’ll have the licensed version and recover all inaccessible data from the partition.








Backup creation tools after PST file is corrupted

Mailing is the greatest choice to stay in contact with individuals, professional or in personal ways. This mailing is based on Outlook that is a client-side tool. Countable business/organization that runs without emails else every single business organization use this tools. People at different places can stay in contact if using Outlook.

However, this Outlook tool can be used broadly but nonetheless error occurrence while opening Outlook is a very common factor that may be seen. Here’ will highlight the reason that makes the Outlook behave in non-reacting Outlook. PST files corruption is the better reason why avoid Outlook to operate correctly. PST file if lost then even the same factor may happen and eventually deletion that is almost the well-known situations lead to complete Outlook improper behavior. Deletion, corruption, the loss is somewhere triggered because of human errors.

Scanpst.exe the built-in tool to correct the Outlook PST file but it fails when the error occurrence is getting high priority. However, the tool is effective but does not repair files at certain areas and eventually, there’s one left out which is not working Outlook. To beat with one of these problems is simple but it’s harder property. Here’s one easiest way which would be to backup Outlook mail.

The backup PST produced at the correct time can help you to save from lack of your mailbox products. Here’s one major problem that is faced by the user that’s when PST file isn’t correctly imported then your Outlook may cause an error. This will completely remove all of the data out of your emails and can lead to deletion of files.

Furthermore, this error could be solved by Outlook if a backup of PST file is taken. The answer is simply the backup copies, if you think that the data in Outlook is much more then you’re suggested to produce backup copies. Creating simple support is simple but using a tool you need to do nothing.

Rather, this PST file backup also helps in lots of ways like if PST files either gets corrupted or maybe lost. What reason can corrupt/remove your PST files? An action of abrupt shut down of the system, discussing of files over an unsecured network, blending of files for portability purpose can also be the main reason of data loss or corruption that could incorporate your PST files.

Characteristics contain a large amount of data in concern of data that goes to the user. If the data misses then certainly could create a problem. Therefore, to be able to keep the data secure you may create a backup while using the software. Deletion and corruption is an extremely genuine factor to happen with the user but the truth is it may be prevented to be able to keep your regularity from the data.

Make use of this software which provides you with the backup copies of the PST file which too inside a guaranteed process.

Partition Recovery Software to Recover Missing or Deleted Partitions

Hard drive can be segmented into multiple logical drives on both Windows and Mac computers. The dissection of those drives is called as partitions. By partitioning HDD, you will be able to store files which incorporate numerous styles of documents. But, there are different causes due to which you may lose data from hard drive such as file system corruption, drive crash, abrupt termination of system, unintentional deletion, etc. Mostly, it has seen that user may formats or deletes their partition unknowingly. In other cases, users may not even know how their drive or partition is lost.

However, deleted or lost partition can be easily recovered using the most reliable and result oriented application called Partitions Recovery Software. It is extensively used software worldwide by users to recover partitions.

Common Causes Behind Partition Loss or Deletion on Windows and Mac:

  • Third Party App: There are different tools available to shrink or extend the size of hard drive partitions. But, while carrying the process, if something goes wrong, then there are chances for partition deletion.
  • Accidental Deletion: Hard drive partitions can be resized using the Disk Management Utility and Disk Utility in Windows and Mac respectively. But, many a times, while performing this task, you may accidentally delete the partition.
  • Partition Table Corruption: Partition Table holds the information about the partition on the system, and if it gets corrupted due to some reasons, then your HDD partitions may go missing from it which leads to huge data loss.
  • Other Reasons: Partition mat get lost or deleted due to other reasons like power surge, aged drive, MBR corruption, wrong re-partitioning process, and so on.

Regardless of these causes, you can easily recover partitions after loss or deletion using the most preferred utility named as Partitions Recovery software.

Advanced Features of This Recovery Software

  • This product can recover data from deleted and lost partitions on both Windows and Mac OS platforms.
  • It is capable of restoring documents, media files, audio files, compressed files, folders, etc. from the partition. It also retrieves files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS and HFS+ volumes / drives.
  • Using this tool, you can recover data from formatted, corrupted, RAID and RAW partitions.
  • It facilitates you to restore partitions from IDE, SATA and SCSI hard drives.
  • This application has ability to retrieve partitions data from both internal and external HDDs of different brands like WD, Iomega, Samsung, Hitachi, etc.
  • In addition to deleted or lost partitions recovery, it can even get back files from memory cards, USB flash drives, iPods, cameras, pen drives, and so on.
  • The software supports all latest versions of Windows (Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista, Server 2008, etc.) and Mac (Yosemite, Lion, Leopard, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, etc.) OS.
  • Once done with partitions recovery, it allows you to preview recovered partitions data before restoration.

Tool to Recover Deleted / Lost Data from Windows Partition

Couple of days back, when I was managing hard drive partitions on my Windows PC, somehow I managed to delete a hard drive partition. I was actually looking to create a new partition with the help of Windows disk management utility but multitasking while managing partitions has hit me badly. In a matter of time everything has changed, I have lost lot of important files and folders. I don’t even have the backup to prevent worst case scenario. I cannot move on without performing Windows partition recovery. Can anybody help me to find the world’s best Windows partition recovery software? I have to recover deleted Windows partition at any cost.

Loosing crucial data from Windows partition is considered to be the most distressed situation that user have to deal with. Deletion of partition while managing partitions on Windows PC is quite common these days. If you are one among the users who lost or deleted Windows partition due to any reason then don’t imagine in the way that you have lost everything that you have stored in that partition. Off course, it’s heartening to lose important data from the system for any user.

However, you have the possibility of recovering files from Windows hard drive partition that went missing, if you act smartly. To know the smarter the way of recovering data from lost Windows partition, just stay with us. For now, let us have a brief look at the most common causes of partition loss / deletion.

Reasons for data loss or deletion from Windows hard drive partition

  • Reinstalling Windows OS: At times user will have to deal with situations like OS boot sector error or system crash due to various predicted and unpredicted reasons on your Windows PC. In such cases, user will have to reinstall operating system to get back access to the hard drive. But one have to understand that not everyone among the computer users are technically sound to perform Windows re installation and they may delete an important partition during the process, causing serious data loss scenario.
  • Using unreliable tools: Depending on third party applications to create a new partition or to repartition the existing partition can sometimes become costly for users, as it may result in huge data loss situations. At this time, user may not be even informed with a confirmation message.
  • Virus intrusion: Malicious viruses are always a huge threat to your Windows system hard drive, as this infects the files stored inside the hard drive partition and also the file system used in the hard drive. In severe cases, if the file system gets corrupt then the entire hard drive partition will turn unreadable. At times the user may even end up with not formatted error situations on Windows PC.

If you are facing such situations with your Windows PC then we would like to tell you that we can easily recover data without any difficulty, thus here is a finest tool that will allow you to perform Windows partition recovery even when you have formatted, deleted, damaged or corrupted your Windows partition. Many of the users still keep the misconception that by deleting, formatting or removing a Windows partition the data stored in it will be lost permanently. It’s big time for users to change this belief. What exactly happens is the entire data from the partition will turn invisible to the user due to this reason, but it doesn’t remove the data stored in it. Ensure that you have not stored any new data after losing information or data from Windows hard drive partition. Thereafter you can make use of Partitions Recovery software to recover lost or deleted data from Windows hard drive partition.

Partitions Recovery is a comprehensive software that recovers data from Windows hard drive partition that went missing, deleted or formatted. Application can be used to restore partition from SSD, SATA, SCSI, SAS and other hard drives on Windows PC. With the help of this tool you can perform Windows partition recovery from NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT file system.

More features of Partitions Recovery

  • The user interface incorporated with this tool is so simple, even the user with less knowledge in technology can make use of this tool to recover Windows hard drive partition
  • This Windows partition recovery software seemingly scans the entire Windows hard drive and recovers files and folders from hard drive partition. When the scanning process is complete a list of files gets generated, which can be sorted according to the date of modification, file name, size, etc.
  • “Save recovery session” feature of this tool allows Windows user to resume scanning at any point of time.

How to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows 7?

Why do we need to partition a hard drive?

On Windows 7 system hard disk is to be partitioned into separate drives, by doing so partitions are not dependent on each other. After partitioning, a user will have his/her own memory storage space for storing digital data. Each hard drive partition on the Windows 7 system serves as a separate hard drive itself. Generally, when users purchase a new computer, the hard disk will come as one partition. Later on, a user can create two partitions of hard drive one for installing operating system files and another for storing all the necessary software files, user’s personal data and many more.

An advantage of creating separate hard drive partition in Windows 7:

However, whenever the necessary user can create number of partitions according to the user wish. Suppose, if user is using their Windows 7 PC’s hard drive as one partition due to some problem, if that partition where you have installed the operating system files and saved different types of data such as software’s, audios, videos, pictures and other important information gets corrupted then, user may not able to boot the system properly and along with that, user may also lose all the data that are stored in the partition. So, to avoid this kind of problem most of the user create multiple partitions on their Windows 7 PC hard drive.

how to recover deleted partition in windows 7Separate boot sector presents in each partition that gives information to partition table. At the time of hard disk partitioning in Windows 7 PC, the default file system will be NTFS but, a user can change or keep another file system like FAT manually. Compared to FAT file system, NTFS file system performance is good and stores data in a defragmented manner.

During the process of creating the partition by using third-party utilities, a user may delete their existing partition accidentally which results in entire data loss situation. In such case, the user might freak out and wants to know how to recover deleted a partition in Windows 7 PC? And they start searching on the internet for the solution but, after trying hard they unable to succeed.

Some common factors behind which the partition may get deleted or lose:

  • Most of the time user tries to change the file system of a specific partition from older to newer like FAT16 to FAT32 or to NTFS. Even, if they are not familiar with this process, users may find or make some error while converting the partition’s file system from one file system to another. This may cause user lose of partition and along with that, the data stored will also get lost.
  • Because of the issues like improper formatting or re-formatting of the Windows 7 hard drive, corruption of file system, abnormal system shut down, malfunctioning of the operating system, hardware or software issues, may also cause loss or deletion of partitions from the Windows 7 system as no data can be accessed from the corrupt hard drive.
  • Sometimes, when the Windows 7 PC is severely infected by the viruses and Trojan. These viruses are the destructive programs may erase the files. The viruses may cause user’s Windows 7 system to act in a strange ways from going totally dark unable to access any data to misplacing the files, which leads to severe data loss from hard drive partitions.

In addition to that, a user may also lose complete partitions in hard drives due to bad sectors, power surge and they think of how to recover deleted the partition in windows 7? So the best method to overcome from these partitions loses or deletion situations can be with the help of Partition Recovery software. Here’s what happens when you utilize this reliable application, you can retrieve all your data from the deleted or lost partition on Windows 7 system safely and securely. It has the ability to restore lost data on various types of hard drives interface such as PATA, SATA, ATA, IDE and SCSI.

Approach to Recover Formatted Partition Data

I have a Compact laptop with Windows OS installed in it. I formatted my 40 GB partition of the hard disk to get rid from virus infection. But, due to lack of attention, I had forgotten to back up data from that partition. Now, I left with empty partition. I need my files back from that formatted partition!! Is there any way to recover files from formatted drive?

Is it sounds similar? Then don’t worry you are not the only one, such kind of data loss situation is common among Windows users. Sometime they format their partition intentionally or sometime accidentally. But, luckily the lost data from the drive can be recovered back with the help of powerful partition recovery software.

To recover your formatted partition data safely, first you need to stop using the system after format operation. Because, using system for adding new files will overwrites the data of formatted partition and reduces the chances of formatted files recovery.

How to perform file recovery from formatted partition?

The files which you stored on the HDD is stored on free sector, these sectors are marked as filled as you store any data on it. The details related to these sectors are hold by partition table. Whenever a partition is formatted, the partition table deletes only the sectors containing the data’s relating details. While the original data is still lie down there only and can be recovered back using proficient partition recovery tool. Partition recovery application is one such program which can perform lost partition restoration in few couple of mouse clicks.

What are reasons which force people to format their system partition?

  • Usually, to get rid form so error messages users format their hard disk partition. The main reason behind error messages is virus attack on system.
  • Up-grading the system from one OS to another OS, in order to utilize additional features of new operating system is one another common reasons which made users to format their hard disk.
  • Sometimes, the computer fails to boot due to registry error, at this situation formatting is the only option which users prefers.
  • Users usually format their system hard disk when it was full, which overall reduces the response time of the system.

Many partition recovery tools are available in the market, which offers efficient and quick recovery. The one, which is recommended my experts and prefers by most of the users is lost partition recovery program with which you can recover formatted partition, in an easy way. Apart from formatted files, you can also recover files from repartitioned desktop HDD using this tool. The program has the ability to recover data if it is lost due to any of the above stated situations. To read more about this tool, visit the links given on this article.

Some special features of this tool

It recovers data from several types of hard drive interface such as SATA, IDE, SAS and many more. This tool has the ability to create disk images of the hard disk which bypasses bad sectors. By using this utility you can recover data from different types of file systems for ex FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT. It supports recovery from all the storage devices including external hard disk, flash cards, pen drives, iPods and many more to be added in list. The best quality of this recovery software is that, it can easily runs on all the latest Windows OS such as Windows server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows server 2008.

Procedure to recover your data from formatted partition

First download and install lost partition recovery software on your system. Run the tool and stick to the main screen process. Choose formatted / reformatted recovery button to recover your files from the formatted partition. As you choose this option the software start scanning the HDD and show all the physical drives present on your computer. Mark the formatted partition and click on next button. The application this time scans the selected partition and shows all the retrievable files from that formatted partition. Mark the files which are to be retrieved and save the rescued data on to your desired location.

Note: Don’t save the retrieved files on the same formatted partition/drive, from where you are recovering it.



Tool to perform FAT32 data recovery

Partitions can be in different file formats. File allocation table is also a one type of file format, which is abbreviated as FAT. It has three versions like FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32. FAT32 is the next version of the FAT16. Till today FAT file system is used as the default file system for memory card, pen drive, flash card and other storage devices. FAT32 was designed, to overcome the drawbacks of the FAT16 file system. FAT32 used the cluster file system to allocate memory space for files that are stored on them. Nevertheless, still few limitations persist with the FAT32 files system, which may include the corruption of these file system. Corruption of FAT32 file system may give you a hard time to deal with. As many of the devices use these file system there are many cases for data loss from them. To resolve this developers invented this amazing, which not only recover data from FAT32, but can also recover lost data or lost partition by carrying out lost partition restoration process.

Partition recovery is the top tool that can do this at your fingertips. There are numerous situations when this tool can be used to recover lost data from partitions. Let’s monitor some of them.

Operating system installation: There may be many reasons for OS installation, such as your bored of using your current OS and willing you use some other OS. Operating system removes all the files of your previous version or OS and installs the new OS. But while installing new OS some internal error may contribute to improper termination and result in inaccessible partitions.

Installation of third party software: We all install many software’s as per our needs. But sometimes installation of particular software may make undesirable changes and make it corrupt.

Unintentional formatting: You might have faced or done this someday. That you intended to format some drive and you formatted some other drive and put yourself under data loss.

Everybody thinks that lost data from partition, can’t be recovered which is not true. Lost or deleted data from partitions can be recovered anytime if it is not overwritten. Because overwriting of the data replaces the new data with the old data. For this, recovery experts tell you not to use the drive or the computer until the deleted or lost data from partitions is retrieved back. This is only logical reason because of which lost partition data can’t be recovered. Apart from this data, loss because of all other reasons can be restored using lost partition recovery tool. Lost partition recovery is built with powerful recovery engine and can retrieve FAT32 data in just couple of minutes. It has most easy to use user interface and a normal home user or a new computer user can also operate this software and can get back data with utmost ease. Using this software, you can retain data on drives like hard drive, pen drive, memory card and can even recover files from repartitioned desktop HDD in just matter of minutes. Lost partition recovery provides you with the listed of recovered files, so that you can choose the files which you like to recovered. You can check this option by downloading the free version of the software. However, to save those recovered files and data you need to active full version by purchasing the product key. 

Best tool to recover data from hard drive

Nowadays, the hard disk is introduced into the market with its best features includes easy accessibility, more durability, and increased memory space up to terabytes. Many users prefer hard disk to store data includes audio, video, office documents and other data stuff. However, data stored on the hard disk may get less, due to some uncertain situation and makes user to fall in trouble. Have you ever come across precious data loss and looking for best data recovery software to get back? If yes then do not worry, this article will give detailed information about how to recover data from hard drive. Windows 7 hard drive recovery tool is one of the best data recovery tools in the market, which recovers all types of data from hard drive with irrespective of reasons. This tool comprises of effective built-in algorithms, which performs deep scanning of hard drive to locate lost files and folders and finally, recover them efficiently. Moreover, it is a user-friendly tool, which makes recovery process easy for a novice user.

What reasons make you to lose data from hard drive?

Formatting or reformatting: Consider you intended to have dual booting facility in your system in order to perform other different task and to make your system robust in accessing file efficiently. In order to install OS, you decide format drive F, which is, consists of unwanted data but while format if you accidentally format other drive E which is consists of vital data such as office documents which is much required by user then it results in huge vital data loss. Similarly, while reformatting the OS if you perform low level formatting then it results in permanent data loss from a hard disk.

File header corruption: In a hard disk, a file header contains vital information of files such as type, modified date, created date, size etc. This information is very needed to access files and folders are stored on a hard disk partition. Incase if any damage or corruption occurs in these files then you are unable to access any files and folders and results in loss of data.  In this scenario use, this tool to rescue data from hard drive on both Windows and Mac OS based machines in a simple way.

Improper file system conversion: In a hard disk, converting file system dynamically from older version to a higher version is acceptable but higher to lower i.e. NTFS to FAT32 file system is not practice but if you do so or failed to perform complete file conversion due to interruption then it results in inaccessible hard drive and stored data might get loose.

However, data lost from hard drive, by using data recovery tool one can execute data recovery from hard drive and rescues all data. This tool also performs data recovery from formatted hard drive on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 etc. You can check its efficiency of recovering data exclusively by using its demo version, which is freely available on websites. In the demo version, just you can see recovered files but there is no option to save those files. If you are satisfied with obtaining results in the demo version, then buy this product and save those recovered files to your disk.

An advanced partition recovery tool

For Microsoft Windows operating systems, the hard drive can be divided into multiple logical units called partitions. Master Boot Record (MBR) contains the Partition Table, which describes the partitions of the hard drive. However, sometimes the partition on the hard drive may get loss due to various situations and it will cause the hard drive data loss. In such kinds of situations, in order to recover lost data from the hard drive, you need to perform partition recovery by making use of superior partition recovery tool.

The corruption of Partition Table information on the hard drive can occur due to various disastrous situations. The situations like Master Boot Record (MBR) failure, accidental formatting or reformatting of hard drive, deletion of partitions after repartitioning the hard drive, deletion of the partition using third party partition utility software and errors encountered while using Disk Management utility for making changes in partitions can cause the loss of partition. However, as a way to recover lost partition on Windows, you have to employ any superior partition recovery software. Let us briefly discuss few case scenarios in which the Partition Table information can be damaged or corrupted.

  • Master Boot Record (MBR) Failure: A Master Boot Record is the beginning sector of a partitioned hard drive. It contains information about how the hard drive is partitioned into multiple logical units. Master Boot Record holds a Partition Table, which describes all the information about partitions of a hard drive and it is also called as a Partition Sector. The improper shutdown of the system caused by power outage may lead to failure of Master Boot Record on the hard drive. When Master Boot Record fails, the partition will be lost and this will lead to loss of data on the hard drive.
  • Accidental deletion of partition: For Microsoft Windows operating systems many third party partitioning utility software are available, among those Partition Magic is the most popular one. Using Partition Magic software, you can either create new partition or modify and delete the existing partition. If you accidentally delete the partition using Partition Magic software then the partition will be lost. This kind of an instance will lead to loss of data on the hard drive.
  • Virus attack: The Partition Table information can be corrupted due to virus attack onto the hard drive. Virus is the piece of code or small program, which can replicate by itself. Viruses are most dangerous stuff, which can affect the system files. If the viruses are present on the hard drive then there are chances to the Partition Table information get corrupt.

Anyhow, you can perform partition recovery and recover lost data from the hard drive with the help of good third party partition recovery software. Windows partition recovery software is one of the best partition recovery software, which can recover lost data from the deleted or damaged partitions. The demo version of this software is available for free on the internet and you can use it to make a trial. You can get it and test the recovery results before going to purchase the software. This software can effectively perform the partition recovery for SATA, SCSI or IDE interfaced hard drives. You can use this software to recover lost data from FAT 16, FAT 32, Ext FAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file system formatted partitions or drives.

Recover lost partition from hard drive

Nowadays everyone is having computers in their house isn’t it?, it is a wonder if anybody says no to this question because the need of the computer is increasing daily. It contains hard drive which is the permanent memory location. Hard drive is partitioned to number of drives to separate the program files and other important files, applications, media files etc. to avoid data loss. Because if all your program files and other files store in a single partition. Sometimes you need to format the partition to rescue from the virus attack then all the files in that partition have been lost. There are certain circumstances for losing partition data from hard drive. Those are accidental deletion of partition, virus attack, improper shutdown of computer, reformatted partition. Whatever may be the situation but losing data is such an indigestible thing because that’s a painful moment for the person who lost the data. There are so many recovery tools available in market to recover hard drive from data loss.

Your computer configures with windows OS and hard drive capacity is 250 GB. Previously your hard drive has two partitions. After few months you realize that the data in the existing partitions are clattered, so to avoid that confusion. You are resized the partition from two to four for better organizing of data. After resizing the partitions you try to open the old partition to work with one important file. But you found that no data in that partition. You have been shocked when you saw the partition with no data. Immediately you say omg! What’s wrong with my hard drive?. Then your brain is exhausted with thoughts like was I lost all my data permanently?, Can’t I retrieve my lost partition data?, How can I get back my lost partition?.

Yes, you can recover partition from hard drive using partition recovery software.

The Hard disk is the permanent storage device which we can store and retrieve the data like software, applications, audio, video, and program files etc. It can be partitioned as you like depend upon the size of the hard drive. It is also being called as hard drive, hard disk, fixed drive, fixed disk.

Partition recovery scans the complete drive to restore data in few minutes. Download the software from partition recovery website. This software retrieves the data from formatted partitions. It recovers data from deleted or inaccessible drives. And get back the data even hard drive has crashed or doesn’t book. The data loss due to partitioning errors can be recovered easily. The lost data from the partitions RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 can be easily retrieved which has been formatted or deleted. It can identify and recover up to 300 file types includes documents, spreadsheets, email archives, zip archives and other formats. This supports recovery of data from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives, SD, XD, MMC flash memory cards, external USB hard drives, iPods etc. And it recovers data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions. The files deleted from Recycle bin or by using shift+delete can also be recovered easily. The files can be found from recovered data on the basis of date, creation date, extension, size and file name. It supports recovery of compressed files from NTFS formatted files. The “Save Recovery Session” option is there to avoid re-scanning your hard drive and resume the saving process anytime.