Effective Way to Fix Outlook PST File

MS Outlook is the most popular application that serves as an email client on Windows operating systems. Outlook provides the users with outstanding options that are user-friendly. One can simply access the mail account details of Outlook profile in offline mode i.e. with no network connection. It stores attribute like emails, contacts, tasks, journals, calendars, etc on a single PST file.

Outlook data gets stored on the system hard drive with file extension .pst or .ost i.e. Personal Storage Table and Offline Storage Table. Outlook PST file may get corrupt due to various reasons. An inbox repair tool known as scanpst.exe is used for fixing corrupted PST file in Microsoft Outlook. But, sometimes Inbox repair tool fails to repair Outlook PST file. In such circumstances, you can fix damaged or corrupted PST file with the help of Fix PST software.

Reasons behind the corruption of Outlook PST file:

Virus Attack: Mainly PST file may get corrupted due to the severe virus or malware effects that enter into the system via different sources.  As a result, these viruses make your PST file inaccessible.

Storage Device Failure: If PST file is saved on bad sectors of a hard drive, the entire or some PST file may get corrupted or inaccessible. Usually, bad sectors are formed due to the presence of severe virus and malware on your hard drive.

Improper Closing of Outlook: While you are accessing any PST file on Outlook due to power failure or sudden system shutdown, your Outlook terminates improperly. As a result, your PST file may get inaccessible.

Usage over Network: Usage of MS Outlook PST file over a network by multiple users at a time may results in corruption due to interruptions. Interruption occurs due to either system conflicts or problem with network connection.

Other Reasons: There are many other reasons behind corruption or damaged of PST file such as compacting of PST file, usage of PST file over a network, Outlook up-gradation, oversized PST file, improper recovery, due to operating large emails at a time, etc.

Some of the precautionary measures to be taken to avoid corruption of PST file:

  • After the completion of work, close your Outlook profile properly.
  • Updated Antivirus software must be used on the PST file containing important data to avoid virus attack.
  • Always keep proper backup of PST.

Features of Fix PST software:

  • It fixes PST file errors on all versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000.
  • Fix PST software is compatible to repair PST file on all versions of Windows such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, etc.
  • This software easily repairs and recovers all attributes of the OST file including contacts, emails, tasks, calendar, journals, etc.
  • One of the unique features of this tool is that it has Preview option which allows the users to view the repaired PST file items. If users are satisfied with the repaired results then they can activate the software with its full version.

Simple Way to Repair Repair Outlook PST File

A large number of people use the MS Outlook 2007 which will come from having attributes like calendar, task manager, notes, contact manager, RSS feeds, meeting requests, etc. You keep your day to day information’s, emails, contact list, etc. in Outlook file that is PST. The Outlook 2007 stores just the 20 GB data in the PST file. The PST file is nothing but Personal Storage Table which stores all emails and Outlook related contents or attributes. If the PST file gets oversize than its maximum data storage limitation there are chances of loss of data out of this PST file. Such as this there are lots of reasons with the result that your PST file may get corrupt.

Some of those reasons with the result that your PST file may get corrupt are just like,

  • When the PST file exceeds in size, then it won’t work.
  • While sharing the PST file within the network in an organization.
  • Due to changing the default PST file location.
  • The PST file could get damaged due to virus infection.
  • Due to accidental deletion of PST file.
  • A power surge can be a reason for damaged PST file.

Once the PST file gets damaged, Outlook fails to work because of all the data the stored PST file like emails, tasks, contacts, calendar events, etc. may get corrupt. In such type of situation, you want to repair MS Outlook PST file and get back your data. There are lots of 3rd party software are available to repair the PST file and also perform data recovery. But these tools do not work correctly. You need an advanced program which enables you to repair and recover data from PST files. Repair PST is one of such utility that enables you to recover and repair the damaged PST file. This application allows you to recover the information from corrupted Oversized PST file, helps you to recover e-mail that is deleted from Outlook profiles, together with emails the software helps you to recover folders, calendar events, contact information, meeting requests, tasks that are kept in Outlook, RSS feeds, journals, etc.

But before this, there are several protective measures which enable you to definitely prevent the data loss, some of those are just like, keeping a regular backup of the PST files, Keeping updated antivirus in your system, etc. These are very basic precautions you are able to take care, but still, if you’re facing exactly the same loss of data problems, then, you can use the Repair PST tool for Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2010 and also for Outlook 2000 to recover the data and repair the PST file. The software helps you to scan your PST file and extract data from it. Repair PST application to create a new PST folder which lets you restore back your lost data out of your Outlook profile. The software’s inbuilt search Option allows you to search the place of the PST file and also to recover them. You can easily download this software and you can fix the damaged PST file. You don’t have to have any technical knowledge to make use of this software everyone should take very easily. The software allows you to restore and also to repair very badly damaged PST file.

Find an Easy Way to Fix PST File when Outlook Scanpst not Responding

“Hi, I have got into a very serious issue. The PST file of my Outlookpst-repair-after-scanpst-msmapi32-dll-error has been corrupted. I don’t know what made it to get corrupt. Just because of this error, I am unable to access my important Outlook data. I tried to fix the error using Scanpst.exe tool, but that Scanpst Outlook not working. So I am looking for a reliable third party tool, which can fix PST file when Scanpst tool fails to work. Can anyone please help me regarding this? Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated”

Well, if you too have caught in a similar sort of problem then don’t panicked. Luckily, you have just arrived at the right spot. Once give a try to Microsoft PST Repair Tool, it’s a most powerful repair application and is trusted in the entire world. The application will effectively repair Outlook PST when Scanpst not working properly or responding. This remarkable repair utility is in fact a non destructive, which will not do any alterations to the corrupted PST file of Outlook, instead the application will scan the PST file and creates a new file from where you will be able to retrieve entire Outlook data. This tool repairs various PST file of different versions of Outlook such as 2007, 2003, 2000, 2013, 2010, etc.

In following scenarios when Inbox Repair Tool fails to sort out the issue if the PST file is severely corrupted:

Over Sizing of PST: The size of Outlook 2010 PST file is of around 50GB, for other versions of Outlook this figure is different. The data saved on Outlook 2010 file should be within 50GB, if you store data beyond this storage limit, then PST file gets oversized and gets corrupted. Under this circumstance you can use Scanpst.exe file to repair the PST, but when Scanpst Outlook 2010 not working then you can do nothing and you have to take the help of above told Scanpst repair application to resolve the issue.

Virus Attacks: When virus intrudes your system, it will start multiplying without your knowledge and it will infect the data. If it infects Outlook PST file, then PST will get corrupt. This will lead you into severe problems and sometimes the Scanpst will also fail to work. In order to get rid of this issue you can use Microsoft PST Repair Tool, which has the ability to repair Outlook PST when Scanpst not working.

Other Reasons: There are lots of other reasons such as improper termination of Outlook, errors while compressing the PST file, etc.

Whatever might be the reason, the Microsoft PST Repair Tool will easily fix PST file when Scanpst tool fails to work. It’s a safest repair application which is free from all kinds of disastrous elements such as virus or malicious programs, therefore it is an optimum solution to resolve the PST file issues when Outlook Scanpst not responding.

Features of Microsoft PST Repair Tool:


  • Microsoft PST Repair Tool is an advanced utility, which can be installed on all popular versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, etc.
  • In a very time frame this powerful tool will repair Outlook Inbox Repair tool not responding.
  • Microsoft PST Repair Tool is a user friendly software, so without any assistance or special skills you can fix PST errors when Scanpst Outlook not responding.
  • Use the demo version of this application to fix Outlook PST when Scanpst fails, if you get satisfied with its performance then purchase its licensed version to save the repaired PST file.
  • This software is capable of repairing emails along with various Outlook attributes such as RSS feeds, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.

Ease Scanpst.exe Download With Few Clicks

Personal Storage Table (PST) is an Outlook file which can be created by any user for saving their Outlook data. Now a day’s Outlook application is very much needed for the people to communicate with people directly and also this application change the standard of living of people and emails are one of the best example to communicate which is an online application which include sending messages, receiving, saving in drafts, etc. but it needed the internet server connection to used these facilities. This application save data in the file extension .pst in PST file.scanpst.exe download

Copies of messages, contacts, tasks, reminder, calendar events, meeting and RSS feeds can be easily saved in the PST file. This Outlook file helps users to share their data with the different people all over the world. This application has the facility that without using of third party tool, user can repair the PST file if it corrupted with the help of its native tool named as Scanpst tool but under some limitation.

Due to its craze, different versions of the Outlook were updated with new features. Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, and Outlook 2016 are the different updated versions of Microsoft Outlook.

New features which were updated in the Outlook 2010 by the Microsoft are

  • Different new options like forwarding more information, deleting more than one message, etc. were implemented in this version.
  • Interface with ribbon interface is updated to view all the files at a time whenever needed.
  • Preventions steps were added for the loss of files from the Outlook application.

Now let us see the features which were updated in Outlook 2007

  • Snapshot of calendar can be taken in this Outlook version and this snapshot will be saved in HTML format. Later you can share these files with the other people.
  • Searching of file is made much easier that earlier now you just needed to type the text for searching the file.
  • Front styles of newly designed were added in this version of MS Outlook.

Instead these many features of Outlook applications, PST files will become inaccessible because of many reasons. Let us discuss some of them.

Scenarios where Scanpst is require:                                                                       

  • To improve the performance of the applications, user must update the new versions released by the Microsoft. There is chance that PST files will become inaccessible as it get corrupted or damaged while upgrading Microsoft Outlook.
  • Header file which is used to store the information regarding PST files and with the help of this only, user can access the PST files as it provide address for the PST file. If it is corrupted then you may lose the address for the PST file and then it is not possible to access the data of PST file.
  • If the Outlook application closes suddenly without following proper steps then it may corrupt PST file.

Here in these circumstances, you need to repair the PST file in order to access the data of the PST files. Go for the Scanpst.exe download the inbox repair tool which can easily fix corrupted PST. This tool has the ability to repair the both Outlook files that is PST file as well OST file which is corrupted or damaged and this tool is free of cost. If this Software fails to work in resolving the problems then go for the Scan PST Fix Software which has demo version gives the idea of working of this tool in repairing PST files.

How to Restore Deleted Emails from Outlook Data File?

Fix My PST application is one of the best way to recover deleted emails from Outlook PST file on all the latest versions of Windows operating system. This recovery utility has an advanced and powerful scanning technology so that it will scans the entire data storage device within few minutes. It works compatible on all the MS Outlook versions including Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, 2003 and Outlook 2000. It recovers erased or deleted emails from MS Outlook data file on various files systems such as FAT 32, ExtFAT, NTFS, FAT 16, and NTFS5.

Are you worried about how to restore deleted or erased emails from MS Outlook data file? Have you unintentionally deleted some necessary email messages from PST file? If yes, then don’t worry here is a solution to get back all erased or deleted emails and other files from Outlook data file. All you need to do is just install free edition of Fix My PST software on your PC or laptop.

Common factors that leads to deletion of emails from Outlook data file:

  • In order to achieve memory disk space, you may try to erase some folders which contain unwanted or older emails and other files. In such condition you might select few essential folders by accidentally and perform delete operation by using combination of Shift +Delete keys. This results in permanently erase of emails from Outlook data file.
  • At times you may use advanced antivirus software on your PC or laptop to scan your MS Outlook PST data file and folders. While scanning process, the antivirus utility may erase or delete severe virus infected emails or folders without any intimation to you.
  • If the Outlook data file size of emails exceed the maximum storage capacity of MS Outlook file then there is a chance of inaccessibility and emails may get deleted or erased from Microsoft Outlook data file.

Mandatory steps to be followed before using recovery software and after data loss:

  • Never reinstall operating system in the laptop or system after emails or other files deleted. Because it will overwrite the data on the disk and unable to recover emails.
  • Never try to run the application forcefully

Advantages of My Fix PST Tool:

My Fix PST application retrieves unintentionally or accidentally deleted emails from Outlook data file within some mouse clicks. This utility is designed in such a way that it can effectively restores deleted emails without changing or modifying the original email. It has capability to recover deleted emails from Outlook PST file on Windows Server 2000, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating system. Besides, emails this recovery software can also get back the erased or lost Outlook attributes like journals, contact details, appointments, drafts, notes, events, RSS feeds, meeting schedules, and many more from Outlook PST file. This recovery application is the best to get back all erased emails from various email or other file deletion scenarios.

In any situation if you find any type of problems while using this recovery application then without wasting time contact the customer support team members. It provides two types of scanning techniques such as Normal scan and Smart scan. Based on severity you can select the scanning methods. It assist you to sort the rescued emails and other files in the form of file name, size, creation or modification date, and file format.

How to Repair PST in Outlook when Scanpst will not Repair PST File

“I want to repair my PST file because an error never lets me access any content on my Outlook profile. I tried the scanpst but it still couldn’t fix the issue on my PST file so is there a simple way to still be able to repair my Outlook PST file when scanpst doesn’t fix PST file?”

There are chances that your PST file may not be fixed by scanpst. Whenever this happens, you need to employ a third party tool to repair your PST file on Outlook.

Here in this video you can check out how one can fix or repair PST file when scanpst doesn’t fix PST file.

PST file is usually located on your C drive and can grow to be huge in size. This usually causes it to act in a strange way down the line. Every Outlook profile has a PST file associated to it so this means all your Outlook emails, calendars and so on are usually saved to the PST file that is located on your computer.

The PST file is highly significant and any damage or corruption to the PST file causes you to lose everything from it. When the PST file is corrupted, the Outlook profile corresponding to that PST file might stop to open up. This can be very frustrating since the user loses all the access to his emails and other vital data present on his inbox. To fix such Outlook PST issues, Outlook comes with an inbuilt tool called the scanpst. Scanpst is usually used to fix the PST file when it is corrupted or starts to show signs of corruption.

One needs to know that the scanpst is usually designed to handle simple repair process on your Outlook PST file. One may notice that scanpst cannot repair PST file when the corruption caused to the PST file is beyond the repair limits of the scanpst. This is when you need to employ a third party PST repair tool to fix your Outlook PST file as shown in the above tutorial when you cannot repair PST with scanpst.

PST files are huge so it needs to be handled by a certified PST repair tool. By using an unsafe repair tool to fix PST file when scanpst cannot repair PST file, you risk the chances of safely repairing your PST file. An unsafe PST repair tool might damage the structure of your PST file causing you to lose everything from it whereas a safe repair tool like the one used above employs a different repair strategy and is certified to access the PST file.

Some features of this software:

  • This software can fix PST files of all sizes when you cannot repair PST with scanpst.
  • It is safe, fast and is recommended to repair PST files on your computer.
  • It uses an interface that is easy to use and repair the PST files.
  • It runs an algorithm that repairs all the issues on your PST file and recovers all your emails and other Outlook attributes from it when scanpst cannot repair PST file.
  • You can then import this repaired PST file to your Outlook profile in just a single click of the mouse.

Best Tool to Repair Outlook 2013 PST file

Recently I configured my email ID to new version of Outlook i.e. Outlook 2013. It’s a latest version among all others of Microsoft Outlook. There exists many attractive features in it. But last week some unknown error caused my Outlook 2013 PST file to get corrupt, since then I am unable to access my email messages, contacts and other attributes from it. As soon as possible, I want to repair corrupted PST file, but I don’t know how to do it. Can anyone please guide me how to repair corrupted PST file of Outlook 2013?

Are you too facing similar issue? Then don’t panic, just draw the help of PST repair tool, and repair corrupted PST file in few clicks of mouse. Yes PST repair tool is a fantastic repair application that can be used to repair corrupted Outlook PST file of 2013 version.

Reasons why PST file of Outlook 2013 gets corrupt are mentioned below:

  • Sharing PST file of Outlook 2013 on unsecured network: If the Outlook 2013 PST file is shared on some unsecured network then there is a chance of PST file to get corrupt, after corruption you will not be able to access any data from it.
  • Virus infection to PST file: Harmful computer viruses infect entire data stored in computer. If it infects PST file of Outlook 2013 then it gets corrupt, after which you will lose access to all the attributes of it.
  • Errors while compressing PST file: Sometimes you may try to compress Outlook 2013 PST file to reduce space utilization on hard drive. During compression, if any error occurs and the process gets interrupted then PST file of Outlook 2013 gets corrupted, if it gets corrupt then all attributes of Outlook 2013 becomes inaccessible.

Besides of all these, there are number of other reasons as a result of which PST file of Outlook 2013 gets corrupt. But you don’t have to worry in any respect, because the issue can be solved in a very easy manner using the above mentioned repair tool.

Outlook repair tool comes with following features:

  • This PST repair tool can easily repair corrupted PST file of Outlook 2013 in few minutes.
  • It’s a user friendly repair tool that is easy and convenient to work with.
  • It can easily fix Microsoft Outlook corruption of all new versions including Outlook 2010 2000, 2003, 2007, 2013.
  • This repair tool has the capability of repairing password protected PST files.
  • It can easily work with all new versions of Windows operating system.
  • It’s a popular repair tool and is well known for its sophisticated repair technology.
  • This wonderful PST repair tool is free from all sorts of viruses and detrimental programs. Along with all these, this PST repair application has lots of other benefiting capabilities.

Download the trial edition of above mentioned PST repair tool from website, and install on your Windows PC. Run the app and repair corrupted PST file of Outlook 2013. If you get satisfied with trial edition then obtain its licensed edition.

Best Approach to Fix PST File

If you aren’t capable of access your PST file manufactured by Outlook then doesn’t let yourself be concerned about this. There’s a best rated repair tool that has earned much appreciation from industry expert as a finest PST file fixing tool. Needless to say corruption of PST file provides a large amount of pain to users since they are unable to access their emails as well as other Outlook data from PST file. But, utilizing it is simple to solve this particular problem linked to Outlook file. Miracle traffic runs on the special algorithm to resolves corruption problems with PST file and fixes in a efficient way in a small amount of time.

There might be a lot of reasons behind the corruption of PST file, some of the people that are normally occurring and popular are mentioned below:

Oversized of PST file data: There is size limit for PST files based upon the each versions of Outlook. For instance Outlook 2000 includes a size limit of two GB, while Outlook 2010 includes a capacity of fifty GB of PST file data. In case your Outlook file data exceeds this limit for his or her respective versions then probability of your PST file corruption is very high. PST file corrupted for that reason can be simply fixed by making use of Fix PST software in a a few seconds. To find out more details on PST file error visit this link: http://www.fixmypst.com/

Corruption of PST header file: This is yet another normally occurring problem where your email files become inaccessible. Header file holds information of data residing over a PST files, if somehow your PST file header becomes corrupted you would then are not prepared to get connect to the content of the file any further. Thus this corruption problem invites urgent difficulties for you within the deficiency of legitimate backup. However, if you don’t have backup then you should not worry, simply make using fix PST tool to fix this particular problem easily.

Whatever be the reason of corruption of PST file it is possible to correct it by utilizing Outllok.pst recover file tool. The one thing you ought to remember is stop using storing new data on your own storage drive on what your PST file is residing. Because, should you carry on and store data about it then likelihood of overwriting of information becomes pretty high. This tool has ability to fix corrupt PST files created from different version of Outlook including 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. With the ability to mend PST files that can’t be fixed using Outlook’s inbuilt tool. This could not just repair but additionally recovers emails deleted from deleted email components of Outlook very proficiently. With respect to the amount of corruption you are able to pick the amount of scanning being performed. It is possible to repair PST files that are compressed using compression algorithm as well as password protected. It generates a brand new PST file according to corrupted PST file within a format which you’ll easily import in 2003-2010 formats simply.