Outlook file losses can be overcome with one helpful tool

Outlook Express is the email client provided free with Microsoft Windows. It is a great email system but prone to certain problems when you compressed and unzip Outlook Express files they are particularly apt to lose data and become corrupted. When this problem occurs you will need software designed to recognize damage Express MBX files and restore them. Currently, the best program available for this purpose is REMO Outlook Express Recovery Software.

As with all REMO programs this one is designed to be used by anyone regardless of their computer experience. If you can send an email you can use a REMO program to rescue lost files. For those using Microsoft Outlook REMO also has a program built to accomplish swift PST repair. PST files are the extension used on Outlook the full-blown version of Outlook Express.

Easy Data Recovery Tool for Lenovo Hard drives


Can anyone suggest me how to recover data from Lenovo laptop?
My drive contains data but it’s not shown on the screen when I attempt to use it. Actually, what was the challenge?

Which software recovery program will retrieve data from my Lenovo TP hard drive?

Naturally, it’s a defunct lock situation where you run into this weird scenario. First, it ought to be noted why and how these happen.A normal Lenovo laptop utilizes SATA hard drives where fundamentally the data’s are kept in FAT or NTFS or exFAT file systems. These file systems play an important role in allocating the memory to the data’s and making a pointer for easy access to the data. The difference lies in how they effectively store and retrieve data if needed from the user and also the OS. Undelete Windows is probably the retrieval processes.

Each time a particular file is deleted just the particular values of the data pointing to the memory location in the data in the hard drive is deleted. The info is still seen in the memory location, however, the only thing is it’s not visible or accessible .it is usually recovered by using an eminent recovery software until and unless the memory of the deleted data’s is reused or defragmented.
Are we able to recover data from a drive wiping?

If your drive is wiped i.e. whenever you attempt to delete a confidential data using a drive wipe tool then chances of restoring or recovering the info is highly negligible. If your file available is in the drive and it’s not visible which indicates that there occurs a corruption in file pointer. Recovering the data that are wiped is inexpensive and it’s not recommended.
Why recovery tool?

A software package recovery program can be an outright tool to regain your lost data. If the data are lost while formatting the drive then it is recoverable by utilizing a few of the peculiar software’s .while formatting a hard drive or a storage volume the information pointers are totally erased and also the memory is substituted with zeros and ones randomly. To recover these type data losses in a quicker and simpler way are twisted part of the user. So it’s better to leave the work to some software program which is the best in recovering these kinds of data losses

Is there anything good one?

Finding this type of efficient one and recovering a lost data from a corrupted operating-system or upgraded one. It depends on to the recovery program for undelete windows.There is some standard software that the industrial or corporate people accept as an eminent one. One of several reasonably recommended tool and it’s mainly suitable for.

  • Ø It restores data which are deleted while partitioning, formatting and reformatting the storage device
  • Ø The scanning process inside it is an efficient one which optimizes mission to find the deleted files inside the computer drives
  • Ø It allows to revive selected files along with the user can neglect the unwanted files particularly the virally infected files
  • Ø It is nice option for those who need to recover files deleted on account of corrupted disk partitions or reformatted computer drives of Lenovo
  • Ø Capable of restoring file of maximum formatting which includes complicated media files like time-based media files and user-defined file formats

How to use?

For downloading and installing the software doesn’t need skills of high levels. Just download the tool on your PC. Choose the pro version for good recovery when needed
Installation is really a normal windows software but ensures the UAC settings on the control panel is switched off and don’t install the software within the same volume where rearranging of memory is possible.


Get back deleted photos

When there is missing of valuable things in life which are been memorable moments saved in different storage devices, absolutely right talking about the images. Images which is played for cherishing the wonderful moments or people connected to those moments. When there is all of the sudden disappearance or deletion of images and any other scenarios which are resulting in deletion of the photos.

The most important should be kept in mind for the recovery is you need to be quick enough for the retrieval of data. When you have deleted a data from its specified place, there are chances of occupying those freed place by overwriting data on it which will lead to data loss.

What is image recovery?

As the heading implies it recover photos from the different storage devices like memory card, flash card, hard disk etc. It recover deleted photos mac and even in windows within a fraction of seconds. It supports different formats of images like jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff etc which even supports in the retrieval of audio, video and media files from different scenarios.

How to select a good image recovery?

Though the photos are saved in the storage device it can easily be overwritten by information. So, if you want to recover photos make sure that you select the right software. A couple of steps which helps you in identifying a good photo recovery:

Search the internet– Searching the internet could give you a whole lot of information about products, reviews and opinion. Make sure you read authentic reviews like that of CNet, or PC World.

Evaluate the demo version– Check the capability of the product by evaluating the demo version.

Select a product that allows you to preview photos– Preview feature in the photo recovery software helps you to identify the photos easily and makes photo recovery more efficient.

Customer support– Make sure that the company offers customer support (either through phone or chat) in resolving your queries. You can check this out by troubleshooting the company.

Can You Recover Data After Formatting?

Are you one of those who have formatted their hard drive and loss all the important data saved on it? If yes, then no need to worry about it. Because formatted data can be recovered by using Formatted Data Recovery application. In order to perform data recovery from formatted drive, you should stop the using of a formatted drive to overwrite existing data with new one. By utilizing this advanced utility you can easily recover data after formatting without any difficulty. Formatted Data Recovery tool has been designed and developed by expert IT professionals to get back data formatted data from drive within simple mouse clicks.

Let us talk about common scenarios behind formatting of the drive:

File System Corruption: It is one of the most common reasons for formatting the drive. File system on the drive can be corrupted by various causes such as improper system shutdown, power failure during accessing files from drive, file system conversion etc. by which drive becomes inaccessible.

Bad Sectors: There are many reasons by which bad sectors created on a drive like virus and malware infection, power surge, etc. can make your drive inaccessible.

Accidental Formatting: During formatting another drive by mistake if you select the wrong drive which can lead to complete data deletion from the drive.

Third Party Application: Whenever you scan system drives by using any third party program like antivirus, can make the entire drive inaccessible. So to access the drive you need to format the drive by which you loss complete data store on it.

OS Reinstalling: During re-installing operating system you format the drive by which the complete data saved on drive become unreachable.

Apart from above mentioned scenarios, there are some other reason, such as File system corruption, virus and malware infection, MBR corruption, etc. can lead to drive formation. So to recover data after format a drive you can make the use of Formatted Data Recovery application. It enables you to get back your data from a drive that can be formatted in any ways as mentioned above.

Formatted Data Recovery program performs deep scanning of your formatted drive to recover data from it. With the help of this tool you can recover different types of files such as Word documents, PDF files, MP3, PowerPoint files, MP4, MOV, AVI, image files, games, application files, etc. with ease. By using this application you can perform data recovery after format on various versions of Windows operating systems such as Win server 2008, Win 7, Win Vista, Win server 2003, Win XP, etc. The Mac version of this application is also available that supports various Mac OS like Snow Leopard, Lion and Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite. This application recovers data after formatting of various storage drives such as hard drives, thumb drives, memory cards, MMC cards, SD cards , XD cards, pen drives, etc. that supports various file system like FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, HFS and HFS+ with ease. After recovery process it allows you to take the preview of recovered files before saving them on specific locations on the drive.

Android Data Recovery

Nowadays Android OS based cell phones have made a huge change in mobile technology. Android based cell phones can support n number of applications in it. These Android smart phones can support different audio, video, picture and text document file formats such as .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .mp3, .mp4, .docx, .ppt and so on. For different functions you can find different applications in Android play store. Now Android Smart phones are used all over the world, as Android is one amongst the largest selling operating system. In Android play store you can find different categories like Games, Apps, Books, Entertainment and so on.

As you have huge list of applications, you might have installed Adobe Reader application, in which you can store all kind of power point presentations in it. Due to some reasons you might have lost that app, along with that app all the files which were stored will be lost. In this situation you will be tensed about how you can recover those lost files. To overcome this problem you can use Android Data Recovery Software. This software will help you in recovering the lost data from Android operated Smart phone. This tool will act as data recovery android Software in your Android Smart phone.

How you can lose data from Android?

Virus Attack: Most of the Smart phone users will be facing virus attack problem. This is because, they might have connected to virus infected computer for transferring of some files or they might have transferred virus infected files via Bluetooth. From these cases you might have lost data from Android. To overcome this problem you can make use of Android Data Recovery Tool.

Improper closing of application: When you were using some app by connecting to computer, it would be working fine. But while removing your smart phone from computer you might have not closed the application properly in it, due to this all the files which were opened in your computer would be lost. To recover these lost files you can use Android Data Recovery Software.

Improper removal of SD card: Few people while removing SD cards from there Android smart phone, they will not make use of “unmount SD card” option. Instead, they will directly remove SD card from their smart phone, due to this all the apps which were running on SD card will be interrupted. Due to this interruption the data will be lost from your Android smart phones. In this situation you can make use of Android Data Recovery software to recover all lost data from android.

Features of Recovery Software

Android Data Recovery software can recover different kind of data in just few minutes from your Android smart phones this can be achieved by making use of powerful recovery algorithm. This software should be downloaded and installed in your Windows Operating System to perform recovery operation and this software is supported on different versions of Windows OS such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2007 and Windows 2008. This software can recover data even from formatted Android Smart phone. This software will scan the entire internal SD card as well as scans the computer hard drive to recover lost data from Android Phone. Using this recovery software you can recover deleted songs from android.

Best tool to recover data from hard drive

Nowadays, the hard disk is introduced into the market with its best features includes easy accessibility, more durability, and increased memory space up to terabytes. Many users prefer hard disk to store data includes audio, video, office documents and other data stuff. However, data stored on the hard disk may get less, due to some uncertain situation and makes user to fall in trouble. Have you ever come across precious data loss and looking for best data recovery software to get back? If yes then do not worry, this article will give detailed information about how to recover data from hard drive. Windows 7 hard drive recovery tool is one of the best data recovery tools in the market, which recovers all types of data from hard drive with irrespective of reasons. This tool comprises of effective built-in algorithms, which performs deep scanning of hard drive to locate lost files and folders and finally, recover them efficiently. Moreover, it is a user-friendly tool, which makes recovery process easy for a novice user.

What reasons make you to lose data from hard drive?

Formatting or reformatting: Consider you intended to have dual booting facility in your system in order to perform other different task and to make your system robust in accessing file efficiently. In order to install OS, you decide format drive F, which is, consists of unwanted data but while format if you accidentally format other drive E which is consists of vital data such as office documents which is much required by user then it results in huge vital data loss. Similarly, while reformatting the OS if you perform low level formatting then it results in permanent data loss from a hard disk.

File header corruption: In a hard disk, a file header contains vital information of files such as type, modified date, created date, size etc. This information is very needed to access files and folders are stored on a hard disk partition. Incase if any damage or corruption occurs in these files then you are unable to access any files and folders and results in loss of data.  In this scenario use, this tool to rescue data from hard drive on both Windows and Mac OS based machines in a simple way.

Improper file system conversion: In a hard disk, converting file system dynamically from older version to a higher version is acceptable but higher to lower i.e. NTFS to FAT32 file system is not practice but if you do so or failed to perform complete file conversion due to interruption then it results in inaccessible hard drive and stored data might get loose.

However, data lost from hard drive, by using data recovery tool one can execute data recovery from hard drive and rescues all data. This tool also performs data recovery from formatted hard drive on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 etc. You can check its efficiency of recovering data exclusively by using its demo version, which is freely available on websites. In the demo version, just you can see recovered files but there is no option to save those files. If you are satisfied with obtaining results in the demo version, then buy this product and save those recovered files to your disk.

How to recover corrupted hard drive data?

How to restore a deleted file or a formatted files using undelete program and what happens when file is deleted and restored?

Is it possible to regain data from a corrupted hard drives .what are the types of damages that happen to occur in a hard disk?

I am using a western digital hard drive for my pc .and I need a recovery tool that supports my internal hard drive as well as my fire wire drive. Suggest me an efficient tool that supports this feature?

Yah, obviously losing data’s and recovering the lost partition is not a common thing but losing the complete data set or possibly a partition in a memory can be a major disaster. Meaning it doesn’t signify it’s a physical damage or possibly a broken HDD. It is to be known that data’s in the hard disk saved in memory tables are redesigned which means the index that suggests the data are redistributed so that it may be reused for more disk usage purpose which sometimes damage the index table or resized or left unallocated it will lead to a partition loss situation.

There are some other reasons too for drive partition loss like boot sector viruses, aborting the partition process or closing the formatting process in the middle as it can lead to file system conversion and the viruses can establish an illusion showing than empty drives containing the files. Some kind of special cases is there where even recovery programs will be unable to unravel this lost partition mystery or HDD recovery

What’s inside?

While reformatting the difficult drive or updating the operating system or uneven allocation of disk space for the secondary storage. The unallocated space is negligible where it is not easy to generate a separate volume. In OS re-establishment the file system may change (e.g. FAT to NTFS).But to undelete hard drive files of these form of situations is not hard until and unless the memory is reallocated or reused by a few other data’s and drive defragmentation will lead to lost data corruption.

Why good recovery tool?

Good reputed recovery software must not only satisfy the above scenarios but in addition it must able to recover almost large numbers file formats such as doc, mp3 etc. It requires holding the potentiality to recoup the system files also for example the .dll and .exe files .It must be capable of recovering user defined files too. Certainly one of a bolt from the blue is mentioned below.

The strong points that support quite sure are mentioned here.

  • Ø It stands near every one of the versions of windows and Mac systems that are traditionally used in both corporate and home user.
  • Ø It supports a lot more than 300 file formats and it is capable of recovering user defined file formats
  • Ø Since it’s certified by a few of the best industrial standards that offer solution measures against cyber problems .It really is totally free of all vulnerable activities such as malware and viruses etc.
  • Ø It helps as well to recuperate data’s even coming from a deleted partition or perhaps a resized hard drive volume.

To upload the tool doesn’t require a complicated skill or in-depth knowledge .Anyone with basic computer knowledge is very well to download, install and handle the program. Put in your mind never try and install the software from the same volume or drive which has recoverable data as it may result in forever harm to the files. Plus it shouldn’t be used in recovering files which comes under HFS file system since it is an elaborate one.

Tips regarding how to recover Recycle Bin

Windows Operating system provides a very good feature to store deleted items. Whenever any files are deleted from Windows computer, those deleted files will move to Recycle Bin. Usually Recycle Bin is located on the desktop of the Windows computer. In all versions of the Windows Operating system, this feature is available. From Recycle Bin accidentally deleted files or folders can be restored in original location. If you empty the Recycle Bin after accidental deletion of images, audio files or any other files then you will lose those files from Recycle Bin. Once you empty the Recycle Bin then you cannot restore those files back. However when any files are deleted from your computer then those files will not get deleted permanently. Those deleted files will remain in the same location but pointer to those files will get deleted. Deleted files will become inaccessible since pointer to those files is deleted. Using third party data recovery tool you can restore those deleted files without any difficulty.

If you have lost any data from your computer due to accidental deletion or due to emptying Recycle Bin then there is no need to worry regarding how to recover Recycle Bin. Any deleted files or lost files can be recovered very easily using Remo Recover (Windows) – Basic Edition software. The software has the capacity to recover deleted files from memory card, memory stick, flash cards, and external hard drive as well. The trial version of the software is freely available in the internet, which you can download in your system. Once you download the trial version of the software, you can install it in your system. After installation process, launch the program by double clicking shortcut icon on the desktop. Once you launch the program, follow the steps that are given in the snapshot. In trial version of the software, you can view recovered files using preview option. The software can support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003, and Windows server 2008. The software supports recovery of files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT partitions. After recovering files from your system, you can store those recovered files in desired locations like CD, DVD, external hard drive, etc.

There are lots of instances which will cause loss of data from your Windows computer. When you delete files accidentally by pressing Shift + Delete keys combination or by using Windows Command Prompt then you will lose those files from your computer. When Recycle Bin becomes full then also you may lose data. If you delete any files when Recycle Bin was full then deleted files may bypass from the Recycle Bin. Due to bypassing Windows Recycle Bin, deleted files will get deleted and they become inaccessible.  Improper system shutdown and power failure are two common problems that may lead to data loss situation.

To avoid data loss situation from Windows system you should take some precautions. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Keep backup of all-important information in CD, DVD or in external hard drive.
  2. Always use good quality power supply to avoid data loss cases.
  3. To decrease occurrences of data loss situations, shutdown the system properly.

Is it possible to recover data after reformat?

Formatting a drive usually means that you are preparing the drive to read or write data on it. Do format / re-formatting a drive really wipe all the data present on it?

Format or delete options does not erase the data permanently. Whenever you format or reformat a hard drive, the data on the drive is not erased, only the partition table is erased. In case, you have accidentally formatted / re-formatted a hard drive on your PC or laptop, data recovery software is able to recover most or all of the data that is stored on the drive.

It is recommended to take a backup of your data that is available on the drive before planning to format / re-format it. You may come across various situations where in you format your drive to get rid of virus, where you may not be able to take a backup, as the drive may get inaccessible. In such scenarios, to recover data after reformat you have to take the help of effective formatted data recovery software to recover lost data.

To recover data from formatted partitions, the formatted data recovery software will rigorously searches your hard drive, finds the lost files, and restores them back. If you would like to retrieve a particular file after format, you can search the file using its extension the software will search for the files that match the extension and recovers them with ease.

This software application can recover formatted partition, re-formatted partition or re-partitioned drive and restore the data lost from those partitions. This helps you to recover data even after re-installing operating system. It can recover not only formatted hard drives but also can recover data after you format external storage devices such as memory cards, USB flash drives, external HDD, FireWire drives and iPods.

Even Mac computers are vulnerable to logic crashes

While most people think of Apple Mac computers as being incredibly durable and to some extent crash proof, the truth is Macs using OS X are just as likely to experience a logic crash and resultant data loss, as are Windows and Linux base PCs.

And when your data is locked away in a frozen hard drive it doesn’t much matter who made the PC. What does matter though is which program you can use recover Mac data. Many companies sell slightly tweaked Windows recovery programs for the purpose of Mac data recovery. These are worthless for the task. REMO produces a Mac recovery program that was built from the ground up to retrieve lost data on Apple OS X based Macs. The program is so targeted to Apple Macs that it even uses a tree finder interface just like the Mac system of browsing and searching for files. Only when using the REMO Mac Utility you are able to find lost files and preview them before restoration. The program will find and restore Mac partitions and will also locate deleted files on Apple Mac peripherals such as USB flash drives.