How to Repair a PPT?

How does an MS powerpoint file get corrupted?

The PPT file of PowerPoint primarily corrupts on account of viruses that enter it when user embeds some pictures or text in the presentation file. The infected data might disarrange user slides or attack file header producing damaged PPT. The damaged PPT file doesn’t open and shows error message like “File not accessible. PowerPoint will close now”. Harm to PPT file may also happen due to improper system shutdown or malfunction of PowerPoint with the entire PPT file. Distribution of PPT files over the network is another possible case of damage to PowerPoint presentation files. So, to obtain the presentation work user has to repair corrupt PPT file using Repair PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint includes a fluent GUI with a few additional and advanced features than previous versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. With this menus got replaced by Ribbon. The duties and choices easy to get at using Ribbon in several groups. A user may use these striking features to generate presentations for the project, preparation module, product particulars, market statistics, etc. However, the user might discover a situation when we not able to open the PPT. It happens because of corrupt PPT file of Microsoft Office PowerPoint. To recover PowerPoint file good PPT repair tool is needed which is the fastest way for that user.

Here are few listed error messages that show in certain scenarios above previously:

  • Ø “PowerPoint found an issue with content in <filename>. PowerPoint can try to repair the file” Whenever the user tries to open a PowerPoint 2010 file from Outlook or from the Internet.
  • Ø “There was an error accessing the file xxxx.ppts” when a user attempts to open a PowerPoint that user has downloaded from the internet or network directory.
  • Ø “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened now”. Such an error message is viewed in the event the user gets 2010 PPTX file in email attachments and opens it on PC using an older sort of PowerPoint.
  • Ø “PowerPoint found an error that it can’t correct. A user should save ppt, quit then restart your file” errors similar to this might occur as a result of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 software malfunction.

PowerPoint Presentation is trusted throughout the world in business and for educational purposes. However, sometimes your PPT files can get accidentally deleted out of your PC. During those times if you are using unreliable software to recuperate it in the past it could damage your presentation file although you may obtain the file. In this scenario, this application can repair presentation files easily and recover it back with not much difficulty.

Automatic update of application makes computer secures but in addition damages a PPT file. During the process when there is the lowest network connection or problem in networking devices this can corrupt PowerPoint presentation. However with assistance from this software you are able to fix PowerPoint document with much ease.

Quite sure takes such corrupt PPT / PPTX / PPS files and deeply scans these to extract content with the presentation PPT.

Commemorate a whole new healthy copy of PPT file with all the extracted data putting content in the slides inside the same fashion since it was in original corrupt PPT. The tool is 100 % secure to make sure that this new PPT file is free of charge from viruses and macros that may damage your PowerPoint presentation data. User will use this top-rated utility to fix PPTX 2010 file easily. The tool will repair Microsoft PowerPoint Office file of any size and in many cases password-protected presentations. Currently, the corrupted MS Powerpoint file is successfully repaired.

Be updated that the demo version will help you to recover through the full version merely has the ability to save the file that can come for the best price.

Best way to recover pictures

Today, everybody takes snaps to capture special moments. Pictures serve as a reminder of a memorable moment, so no one can bear the loss of pictures. Yet a few times disaster occurs because of which you might end up with losing pictures. Pictures may be captured using cell phones or digital cameras & the pictures that are captured are saved on memory card. You might likewise store your photos in a hard drive of a computer as it is acknowledged to be the most secure place. But as no storage device can be spared from corruption, so a loss of files can happen at any point in time.  Now you must be going insane thinking how to find all missing pictures from the storage device. Don’t be tensed!!! You can get back missing pictures by making the utilization of picture recovery software.

Assume you went on an excursion with your friends; you have taken pictures of lovely places. You returned to your hotel & now you needed to view pictures on your laptop. You began transferring pictures to your portable computer by means of a card reader utilizing cut + paste option. All of a sudden you see your laptop is running out of battery & it turned down. At the time you put on the charger & switch it on again you discover that all pictures are gone. You have about 100 pictures & all went missing. You may be disheartened!!! Don’t be, you can try recover picture tool to get back photos from your card or external device.

Let us discuss some reason that may lead you to lose images from storage device:

  • Unintentional deletion: It is the most well-known issue that is confronted by the greater part of the individuals. When your memory card or external hard drive is connected to your computer & if you erase picture while previewing them, then it will be removed from the system as it bypasses the recycle bin. You might also erase picture utilizing Shift + Delete option, then also you may come across picture file loss scenarios on your PC as this option lead to file deletion from the system permanently. By making use of picture recovery tool you will know how to recover accidentally deleted photos.
  • Formatting drive: You may format your card when connected to your PC or drive containing pictures accidentally while formatting other drives. Formatting means complete removal of pictures from the drive. Sometimes, due to virus intrusion, your drive may get damaged as a result of which you may get an error message. You will be compelled to format the drive, formatting will make your drive free from corruption but you will end up with severe data loss.
  • Abrupt removal of card: If you pull out the external storage device or memory card all of a sudden without proper exit option while copying or transferring then also your card or drive may get damaged because of which you will not be able to access pictures from it.
  • Power surges: If your PC is turned down due to power fluctuation when you are exchanging pictures from an external storage device to your computer then there is a chance for loss of pictures from it.
  • Other reasons for loss: Other reasons like clicking on pictures when a battery of your camera or cell phone is low, consistently clicking on pictures without giving it an opportunity to process, external threats & so on causes picture loss from it. Because of this reasons, you may be unable to access pictures from it


These are the most well-known scenario that is confronted by the vast majority of the individuals. To get rid of this issue, the best option is to make utilization of Digital Picture recovery tool. You can likewise take backup of most beloved pictures in your external storage drive, however, there is no assurance that your photos will be protected in that device as accidents tend to happen anytime from any storage device.

Photo recovery tool is a perfect solution to get back all missing pictures from any storage media. It is excellent software that uses a strong algorithm to scan the whole drive & retrieves pictures on the basis of their signatures.  In addition to this, it also restores missing pictures & sorts them on the basis of size, type & creation date. It runs easily on all forms of Windows & Mac machines. It can also be work on  MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini & so on.

MacBook is a notebook designed & developed by Apple Inc. It is extremely light weighted & is additionally enhanced by many characteristics. It provides high storage capacity, high performance, and long battery life. In spite of its extraordinary characteristics, there is a risk that you may lose pictures from it. Don’t panic!!! You can make utilization of picture recovery tool to know how to retrieve deleted photos from MacBook.

To perform the restoration process you need to download the utility. After that install and launch it. After the recovery program is over you can view the list of recovered files. However, you can save them only when you buy the tool. So if you are fulfilled with the recovery result you can go for the full version of the tool.

Finest Way to Recover Files from Corrupted MMC Card

Multimedia card (MMC) is a type of memory card used to store data. MMC cards are available in different sizes ranging from 1 GB to 128 GB in the market. MMC can be used in mobile phones, digital camera, computer etc. Sometimes due to some reasons the data stored in MMC get corrupted. Then you have to recover data from corrupted MMC card.

Reasons for corruption of MMC card:

  • Abruptly pulling out of card: The data stored in a MMC card may get corrupted due to abruptly pulling it out from the system. If any file is open from MMC card and randomly it get pulled out without closing the file then the MMC card may get corrupted.
  • Virus attack: If any file is downloaded on the system from internet which has MMC card inserted in it then the virus attack can cause the corruption of MMC card.
  • Power surge: While MMC card is in use and suddenly power goes off then this situation may lead to the corruption of MMC card.
  • File system corruption: MMC card may get corrupted due to the corruption of file system. File system contains information about file type, file size; date of creation etc. once it gets corrupted then there is a possibility of corruption of MMC card.
  • Third party application: If any third party application is used to scan the system but this application is not compatible with the MMC card then the MMC card may get corrupted due to the use of third party application.
  • Improper shutdown of system: Any file is open from MMC card on the system and the system get improperly shutdown then this situation may lead to the corruption of MMC card.

Once the MMC card gets corrupted you don’t have to worry so much because, corrupted multimedia card file recovery has become very easy now with the help of Corrupted Memory Card Recovery software. Only one thing you have to keep in mind that once the data get corrupted you need not to format it and do not load new data as there is a chance of overwriting the data and data recovery may become difficult.

Features of memory card recover software:

  • Simple to install and use: this software can be installed in three simple steps and it is very easy to use and you can recover data from corrupted MMC card.
  • Can recover any type of file: This software can recover any type of file including excel file, image files like .jpg, .jpeg, audio files like .mp3,AVI, video files like mp4,MOV etc. on MMC card.
  • Suitable for both Windows and Mac operating system: Memory card recover software is suitable for both Windows and Mac operating system. It supports Windows 7, Windows 8, vista, XP, 2003 and 2000. It also supports Mac operating system like Mountain Lion, Snow leopard, Mavericks and Yosemite.
  • 24/7 tech support: If you have any problem in installing or using this software you can ask anytime to the technical team without paying any money.
  • This software can recover data from formatted MMC card also.

Emptied trash data recovery using recovery software

Mac OS is one of the most popular OS worldwide. It has a series (versions) that is designed, developed by Apple Inc. Vertical integration model is obtained by the Mac OS and in fact, the model is so powerful that most of the companies work on the model.  However, the OS of different companies come separately but the Mac OS comes only with Mac machines. Despite OS Apple Inc construct all its hardware. Whenever you purchase a new Apple machine, it is preinstalled with the Mac OS.

Mac is leading the market of computers and other products of Phones, iPods etc. Mac is the most secured OS among other OS. Though it is the secured OS than other, still data loss is a most common thing to occur frequently. The same device is used in the machine and that is hard disk to store the data in Mac.

The user using Mac OS X (new version) might be facing data loss sometimes. These Mac system carrying the data are secured but cannot be guaranteed. No machine is perfect and all of them have few short comes. In addition, this is followed by the Mac OS, hence there are times when data are lost from a hard disk.

To recover OS X is easy but this needs some tool to be employed as this could not be done manually. This data loss is similar to data loss in Windows, few terms are different and apart each of them works same. If Trash is emptied then also you can face the loss which is almost similar to empty Recycle Bin scenarios. Recovery of OS X includes all the other recoveries too like you can “Recover Emptied Trash”.

Come on let me show you how you can face the data loss in Mac OS.

  • If you are deleting some file using delete command button then the files will definitely skip the storage of Trash other than this if the size of the files is bigger than the defined size of the Trash then also skip of a file will take place.
  • Journal file is there to record the updates made in the system vigorously. If the file is either deleted or corrupt then there could be a huge loss as not updates will be there in the system.
  • Emptying the Trash is another option that will completely finish the chance to restore the files. This is because after the deletion of files it is stored in the Trash and can be recovered. If emptied the Trash then last chance of recovery is also finished.
  • Installation of a pirated version of Mac could also be one reason that can result in deletion of files.
  • Abrupt shut down sometimes avoid the journal to get an update which losses data from volumes in partitions.

Facing such situation is a bit difficult for the users to face. Removing all your tensions and pressure here is a solution and that’s to use the recovery software. Download the software and install it on the system and the feature will help you recover data.

Deleted partition recovery tool

Nowadays hard drives are used as a means of storage devices in the computers. Since they are capable of storing large amount of data, according to the convenience of the user the hard drive can be divided into many small parts or units. These units can be simply termed as “Partitions”, So that each partition is used for separate process. They can either be used to store the operating system or user data according to the user needs. The process of dividing the hard drive into multiple sections is called as “Partitioning”. Usually the operating system is stored in the primary partition. There are cases where a partition can be accidentally deleted by a user, in such data loss scenarios one has to find waysHow to Recover Lost Partition from corrupted hard drives.

Many partition recovery tools are available over the internet but choosing the best recovery software is one of the challenging job. Deleted Partition Recovery software plays a major role in recovering deleted files and folders from NTFS or FAT file system which is supported on Windows Operating system. Deleted Partition Recovery is compactable with Windows 97, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The main task of Deleted Partition Recovery tool is to entirely scan the damaged hard drive for corrupted files and folders, repair it and restore back to the original state. The recovered data should be saved on a separate drive. The interface provided by partition recovery utility should be user friendly.

Best practice to secure your email data

Emails have been the most important form of communication over the internet. As more and more businesses become online, the use of emails is rapidly increasing. They use emails to interact with their clients and other businesses. Increasing email use leads to huge amount of data being received and stored on email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express etc. Thus, arises the need of email management.

Emails can be lost because of computer crashes that can occur due to power outrages, viruses, software malfunctioning or physical manhandling of the computer. This creates a very important requirement for regular backups of the important email data. When talking about Microsoft outlook, it uses Personal Folders Files to store all local emails and other data which can be processed by Outlook. Backing up outlook PST files is very essential, since they are only available on the local system, and will be lost if they become corrupted or the system hard disk malfunctions. To save you from the data loss stress, it is very important to move outlook pst file to a safe location.

Backup are usually very time consuming and involve a complicated process. That is the reason why, many computer users avoid data backups and regret later. However, a good idea to create a backup of your outlook emails and settings would be to use Email backup software. These third party utilities make the task of outlook backup easy, simple, automated and less stressful. It allows you to backup and restore your E-mails, folders, contacts, calendar, journal entries, tasks, notes, RSS feeds, settings, E-mail accounts, message rules, junk e-mail lists and signatures.

Outlook Backup & Migrate ensures that you never lose your important email and other information by periodically backing up your emails and outlook settings automatically. Backing up the PST file with smart email backup saves your time and provides you with a feeling of security. The program functions though a wizard driven interface which is designed to be used effectively by a novice as well as an IT professional. Featuring, backup, restoring and migrating outlook, with Outlook Backup & Migrate you can be prepared for anything wrong.