How to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows 7?

Why do we need to partition a hard drive?

On Windows 7 system hard disk is to be partitioned into separate drives, by doing so partitions are not dependent on each other. After partitioning, a user will have his/her own memory storage space for storing digital data. Each hard drive partition on the Windows 7 system serves as a separate hard drive itself. Generally, when users purchase a new computer, the hard disk will come as one partition. Later on, a user can create two partitions of hard drive one for installing operating system files and another for storing all the necessary software files, user’s personal data and many more.

An advantage of creating separate hard drive partition in Windows 7:

However, whenever the necessary user can create number of partitions according to the user wish. Suppose, if user is using their Windows 7 PC’s hard drive as one partition due to some problem, if that partition where you have installed the operating system files and saved different types of data such as software’s, audios, videos, pictures and other important information gets corrupted then, user may not able to boot the system properly and along with that, user may also lose all the data that are stored in the partition. So, to avoid this kind of problem most of the user create multiple partitions on their Windows 7 PC hard drive.

how to recover deleted partition in windows 7Separate boot sector presents in each partition that gives information to partition table. At the time of hard disk partitioning in Windows 7 PC, the default file system will be NTFS but, a user can change or keep another file system like FAT manually. Compared to FAT file system, NTFS file system performance is good and stores data in a defragmented manner.

During the process of creating the partition by using third-party utilities, a user may delete their existing partition accidentally which results in entire data loss situation. In such case, the user might freak out and wants to know how to recover deleted a partition in Windows 7 PC? And they start searching on the internet for the solution but, after trying hard they unable to succeed.

Some common factors behind which the partition may get deleted or lose:

  • Most of the time user tries to change the file system of a specific partition from older to newer like FAT16 to FAT32 or to NTFS. Even, if they are not familiar with this process, users may find or make some error while converting the partition’s file system from one file system to another. This may cause user lose of partition and along with that, the data stored will also get lost.
  • Because of the issues like improper formatting or re-formatting of the Windows 7 hard drive, corruption of file system, abnormal system shut down, malfunctioning of the operating system, hardware or software issues, may also cause loss or deletion of partitions from the Windows 7 system as no data can be accessed from the corrupt hard drive.
  • Sometimes, when the Windows 7 PC is severely infected by the viruses and Trojan. These viruses are the destructive programs may erase the files. The viruses may cause user’s Windows 7 system to act in a strange ways from going totally dark unable to access any data to misplacing the files, which leads to severe data loss from hard drive partitions.

In addition to that, a user may also lose complete partitions in hard drives due to bad sectors, power surge and they think of how to recover deleted the partition in windows 7? So the best method to overcome from these partitions loses or deletion situations can be with the help of Partition Recovery software. Here’s what happens when you utilize this reliable application, you can retrieve all your data from the deleted or lost partition on Windows 7 system safely and securely. It has the ability to restore lost data on various types of hard drives interface such as PATA, SATA, ATA, IDE and SCSI.