Perform Instant Data Recovery from WD Passport Hard Drive

Have you lost data from your secure WD passport drive? Are you seeking, how to recover data from WD passport hard drive? Then seek no more! Simple just refer this article to know how to perform an instant data recovery on WD passport drive.

Western Digital is the second largest manufactures of HDD, SSD, and portable Hard Disk so on. The new arrival of passport hard drive from western digital has greater advantage than other portable drive. It has the best features like ultra-compact in design such as its thickness is just 16mm and weights not more than 160 grams. Super-fast transfer rates with USB 3.0 and transfers data up to 5 GB/s .Automatic Cloud backup, this is an excellent feature of the drive which automatically synchronize data with the cloud and saves your files via with your drop box account. Apart from this it offers huge stock pill capacity, bus powered, password protection, Pre-formatted HFS+ journal and hardware encryption etc.However, with all these excellent features of drive, your data on D passport drive may still be insecure due to various reasons. So, it is indeed required to know the causes for data loss / deletion on western digital passport hard drive.

Causes for Data Loss on WD Passport Hard Drive:

  • Unintentional Format: While connecting your WD passport to a Computer, a popup window will flash before your screen saying “the drive is not formatted! Would you like to format it now” at that time, if you accidentally select “Yes instead of “No”, the drive will get formatted and all your data may be lost permanently.
  • Interruption: During read / write operation of WD drive, If you forcefully remove the drive without performing safely ejection and also while performing “Cut +Paste” option if there is sudden interruption like, sudden system termination etc. Then the data might get lost or deleted from it.
  • Human Errors: Using “Shift + Delete” option to delete a folder. Before checking the content of the folder, may result is loss of data on WD drive.
  • Other Factors: Accidentally deletion of files from WD passport hard drive will not get stored on Trash. Because, deletion of any files from external hard disk will surpass Trash and might get deleted permanently.

If you might want to avoid data loss / deletion from WD passport due to above reasons, then maintain proper backup of all your data before formatting, Never pullout the USB cable suddenly from the drive during its operation, Never use an un reliable tool, if you come across data loss on WD passport. Irrespective of the precaution measure take if still data loss occur then use this reliable “Recover Data” application to recover data from WD Passport instantly.

Reliable Features of Recover Data Software:

Recover Data from WD passport is a special application which can recuperate data from all types of WD hard drive/ portable drive included in MacBook, desktop, My Book etc. Using this application you can retrieve all types of files from WD passport drive irrespective of its can also perform recovery feature on formatted, deleted, fragmented WD passport as well all in other external storage device such as flash drive, memory cards, USB drive, Fire Wire drive etc.