PSD Repair Software to Fix Corrupted or Damaged PSD Files

psd-filePhotoshop is one of the graphics editing application marketing by Adobe System. Adobe developed this software in the year of 1998. This incredible program is available for both Mac and Windows opening system. With the help of this app, users can do a number of operations on pictures to improve the quality such as crop, increase or decrease image sharpness, vary pixels, etc. very easily. Adobe Photoshop saves the files in the .psd file extension. It is the default extension of Adobe Photoshop app. But it also allows people to save Adobe file in another file extension according to their need. There are a number of the program comes along with Adobe Photoshop including Adobe Fireworks, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Device Central and Adobe Camera RAW.

Adobe Photoshop supports max width and height of a PSD file up to 30,000 pixels and the size can be up to 2 GB. Besides this, sometimes, people may face Adobe PSD file corruption or damaging issue. At the time of opening Photoshop file, it rejects to open and shows some error message. Such type of errors arises due to the damaging of PSD files. After facing such problems with PSD files, people want to repair their precious PSD file because it is also possible that user designed this file after investing lot of time. In order to make this PSD file accessible, people need to take the advantage of an advanced repair program such as PSD Repair Software. Apart from repair tool, there is no other way to fix such PSD file related issues.

Some most common reasons behind PSD file corruption:  

  • During creating or editing Photoshop files, if the application freezes or gets close suddenly then, then it will damage the Adobe PSD file.
  • Opening PSD file with a different version of Adobe Photoshop can be a reason behind the damaging of PST file because an older version of Photoshop does not support new functionalities.
  • While moving or copying Adobe PSD file from system to another storage device, if this process gets interrupted due to power surge, improper removal of external drives, etc. may lead to PSD file damaging.
  • Incomplete downloading of PSD file from the internet can also be a reason for showing such error message.
  • Apart from these reasons, there are some other causes which may lead to PSD file corruption like using an unreliable third-party software, improper installation or upgrades, bad sectors, header corruption, abrupt termination of Adobe Photoshop, damaged storage device, virus attack, etc.

Whatever can be a reason behind Adobe Photoshop damaging, people can easily fix it by using PSD Repair Software. This ready the to use app is enough capable to repair damaged PSD file with its color mode like RGB color, duotone, Bitmap, indexed color, multichannel color, gray-scale, etc. People can check the performance of this PSD Repair Software by using demo version. If they are happy with it, then they can buy it. With the help of this utility, people can repair PSD file which was created with any versions of Adobe Photoshop program, including Photoshop5.5, CS, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6. This software is available for both Windows and Mac systems.