Recover lost partition from hard drive

Nowadays everyone is having computers in their house isn’t it?, it is a wonder if anybody says no to this question because the need of the computer is increasing daily. It contains hard drive which is the permanent memory location. Hard drive is partitioned to number of drives to separate the program files and other important files, applications, media files etc. to avoid data loss. Because if all your program files and other files store in a single partition. Sometimes you need to format the partition to rescue from the virus attack then all the files in that partition have been lost. There are certain circumstances for losing partition data from hard drive. Those are accidental deletion of partition, virus attack, improper shutdown of computer, reformatted partition. Whatever may be the situation but losing data is such an indigestible thing because that’s a painful moment for the person who lost the data. There are so many recovery tools available in market to recover hard drive from data loss.

Your computer configures with windows OS and hard drive capacity is 250 GB. Previously your hard drive has two partitions. After few months you realize that the data in the existing partitions are clattered, so to avoid that confusion. You are resized the partition from two to four for better organizing of data. After resizing the partitions you try to open the old partition to work with one important file. But you found that no data in that partition. You have been shocked when you saw the partition with no data. Immediately you say omg! What’s wrong with my hard drive?. Then your brain is exhausted with thoughts like was I lost all my data permanently?, Can’t I retrieve my lost partition data?, How can I get back my lost partition?.

Yes, you can recover partition from hard drive using partition recovery software.

The Hard disk is the permanent storage device which we can store and retrieve the data like software, applications, audio, video, and program files etc. It can be partitioned as you like depend upon the size of the hard drive. It is also being called as hard drive, hard disk, fixed drive, fixed disk.

Partition recovery scans the complete drive to restore data in few minutes. Download the software from partition recovery website. This software retrieves the data from formatted partitions. It recovers data from deleted or inaccessible drives. And get back the data even hard drive has crashed or doesn’t book. The data loss due to partitioning errors can be recovered easily. The lost data from the partitions RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 can be easily retrieved which has been formatted or deleted. It can identify and recover up to 300 file types includes documents, spreadsheets, email archives, zip archives and other formats. This supports recovery of data from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives, SD, XD, MMC flash memory cards, external USB hard drives, iPods etc. And it recovers data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions. The files deleted from Recycle bin or by using shift+delete can also be recovered easily. The files can be found from recovered data on the basis of date, creation date, extension, size and file name. It supports recovery of compressed files from NTFS formatted files. The “Save Recovery Session” option is there to avoid re-scanning your hard drive and resume the saving process anytime.