Speedy recovery of important digital files

My company does a great deal of ecommerce development. Currently we are putting together a site that sells trophies and awards online. There are thousands of items that need to be written about and have image files made for. Also we are taking the photos ourselves so we are constantly loading files onto a PC and then deleting the camera files. Needless to say it is far too easy to accidentally delete files before they are downloaded. When this happens we can lose several hours work from the photographer. This is far too expensive to lose and for that reason we have on all of our PC desktops a bundle of programs for file recovery from REMO.

REMO has a program to recover lost files to fit any situation. Almost every REMO program has multiple uses such as recovery of data from flash drives or camera smart cards. Whether you lose data before you download it or after REMO data recovery programs will find it and restore it for you.