The means to find and recover missing photo and music files

Do you ever use those little plug-in flash drives? The optical drive on my laptop is broken and my netbook doesn’t have an optical drive so I write everything to these little SSDs. The only trouble is that USB flash drives are susceptible to losing data. They don’t lose it completely per se but somehow the file recognition data gets removed and as far as my computer is concerned the file is gone forever.In reality the contents of that file are right where I left them and so long as I do not overwrite the space the file resides in they can always be recovered. But to do so you will need REMO Recover Media Recovery Software. This amazingly user-friendly suite of software can be used for photo recovery such as that needed for memory card recovery.

The program is so versatile you can even use it to find and restore MP3 files on your iPod. Of course I use the program for USB data recovery for as I mentioned I always have a pocketful of usb flash drives.


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