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A file stored on your computer may at times fail to respond and the major reason behind this inaccessibility is file corruption. It is regarded as the change in the code of file from its original form which can be intentional or unintentional. Corruption can happen in any manner and even a tiny modification can result in a breakdown of file eventually leaving the file useless.

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Causes of file corruption

  • Corruption generally occurs due to user’s fault such as deleting or altering important files that shouldn’t be, malicious activity (virus intrusion) and device failure (such as bad sectors that need to be repaired)
  • Every file is associated with a header which stores basic information of the file such as file size, type and other information regarding the file. Thus if there is any missing information in header or if the header is damaged then you will find the file corrupted
  • When the lost files are recovered inappropriately then it may miss some of the important info due to which it may result inaccessible
  • CRC / ECC codes mismatch can cause errors while accessing the file, the mismatch can happen when the file is incompletely transferred or when the file is incompletely downloaded
  • Round-tripping is a trick which is usually applied if you want to access a file with different file format, for example, change doc file extension to docx file extension or vice versa can at time put you in much trouble

Apart from the above-mentioned causes, there is a number of reasons which can lead to file corruption, but at the same time, you can hope for file recovery by using file repair software.

Qualities of File Repair Software

  • User interface used in file repair software is much simplified and do not require much technical knowledge to handle the tool
  • The tool can repair damaged files of larger size
  • It can repair corrupt files even if the files are encrypted or compressed, but at the same time it maintains the privacy and the confidentiality of the file
  • Supports various kinds of files: Outlook files (PST and OST file), Word files (DOC and DOCX), Archives (ZIP, ZIPX, RAR), PowerPoint files (PPT, PPS, PPTX), Video files (MOV, MP4, M4V and AVI), Photoshop file (PSD)
  • The software is free from all kind of malfunction and virus infection that is associated with other faulty programs. Thus due to this, it is regarded as the safest tool to repair damaged files
  • The process of repair involves read-only measures to fix the issues related to the file; hence it does not alter the actual file
  • You can avail free support from the technical support to solve any of your queries relating to software
  • The best part of the software is it allows you to preview the repaired file even without purchasing the tool. By this way, one can judge the possibilities of file repair before purchasing the tool
  • This simple but effective tool requires very less amount of storage space for installation on your computer

Safety Measures

Do not download any file from untrusted site as there are possibilities of virus invasion

Always have backup of your important files as you can restore them whenever needed