Want to recover data from your flash memory card

memory card or flash memory card is an electronic flash memory data storage device used for storing digital information. They are commonly used in many electronic devices, including digital cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers, MP3 players and video game consoles. They are small, rerecordable, and use flash memory that is they are able to retain data without power. You store and transfer your digital photographs, music files and countless other forms of media from these devices to the PC easily. These flash memory cards serve as temporary and portable storage device.

These memory cards make use of file system to save, retrieve or access files from the memory. If your file system gets corrupted then there are chances of losing data. For example, your flash memory card may contain your important photos. When you are connecting it to your PC, there are chances of your data getting infected by virus, it may spread to the whole file system and thus corrupting the entire file system. Now, because of this you might lose all your data or it can even become inaccessible. When such scenarios happen, many of them tend to scan or store some other data to check whether it works or not, but by doing all these you will end up losing data permanently. Instead use good recovery software that can recover flash memory card data from the hard drive or from corrupt cards. There is one such software called Flash Memory Recovery software. This software can recover your lost data easily.

Virus infection is not the only reason for losing data from your memory card; there are other common scenarios where you lose your memory card data. They are:

  • Shutting down the system, while transferring the data from the card to the PC
  • Abruptly removing the device from the computer while transferring the content without ejecting it properly
  • Virus infection to the card’s file system might also lead to data deletion or loss
  • Accidentally deleting the important photo or video from the card instead of deleting the wrong or unwanted data
  • Unintentionally formatting the card without taking the backup of the data present in the card

This software efficiently recovers all the data from the flash memory card, due to its following features:

  • Able to recover flash card photos, videos, audio, text files etc. quickly by using unique and fast scanning algorithm
  • Supports recovery of data even after formatting the flash memory card
  • Recover deleted media files from SD card, XD card, MMC and Compact Flash card
  • Restore media files that are lost or deleted from flash cards of  all brands like Transcend, Sony, Lexar, Kingston
  • Supports recovery of files from the flash cards that might be lost in any situation
  • Recovers files lost even from corrupt flash memory cards

This software can be used for both Windows and Mac OS. It comes in separate editions. So, those who need to recover their flash card data, I suggest you to use this software. It is very easy to install and run the software also. Just download the trail version and use it you will get to know the ability of the software and then you can buy it.  After downloading the trail version from this link, connect your card either through the slot or with the help of USB card reader and follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the software and Run it on your personal computer or laptop
  2. Select the “Recover photos” option from the main screen interface and then select the appropriate option whether to recover lost or deleted files in the next window
  3. Choose the location from where the data need to be recovered
  4. Now, scanning process starts and after it completes you can view all your lose or deleted files
  5. View the file contents by using the “Preview” option and select the files for recovery
  6. In order to save the recovered files you need to buy the software