Way to Recover Pictures from Android Phones after Factory Reset

Android is an excellent operating system, which is very widely used. Everyone these days own an android smart phone, these devices helps users to capture wonderful pictures or photo files of their families and friends, record high quality videos, download and install handy applications, listen to music and many more. However even these android devices are not free from problems such as corruption, phone displaying white screen during start up, etc.

But you need not worry; these kinds of issues can be resolved by performing factory reset. There are two ways to restore your android phone to factory settings, they have been listed below:

First method:

Go to Menu, from Menu select settings. Scroll down to Privacy and click on it and then choose factory data reset. Now, if you want to format the SD card, make sure “Format SD card / Erase SD card” is checked or else uncheck it and then click “Reset Phone”. This is an easiest way to reset a phone to factory settings, usually resetting process might take a few minutes. When finished, the phone will restart. But this method works if you are android phone is accessible, if your android phone is inaccessible then reset your phone by using second method.

Second method:

  1. Turn off your android cell phone
  2. Press and hold Volume Down + Power button
  3. Use Volume Up and Volume Down keys to scroll through the options until you see Recovery mode on the screen.
  4. Press the Power button to restart your phone into recovery mode you’ll see a red exclamation mark
  5. Scroll to Wipe data / Factory reset and press power button
  6. Choose Yes –  Your device will be reset to its factory state

Usually factory reset solves many issues, but the problem is that performing factory reset will completely erases all data including your pictures from android phone. How to get back pictures after factory reset android mobile is the most common question asked my android phone users.

But the good news is that these data can be recovered with the help of third party photo recovery tool. Using this application is very simple to perform photo restoration after data loss from android phones. Other than factory reset there are many other reasons for photo loss from android phone, some of the common reasons are listed below:

  1. Deletion: Accidentally deleting a photo or any other media file is one of the most common reasons for data loss from android phones.
  2. Virus / Malware attack: Severe virus or malware infection on your android cell phone SD card makes it inaccessible resulting in picture loss.
  3. Format:  Sometimes when you connect your android phone to your Windows computer, it displays an error message saying, “The Drive E: is not formatted, do you want to format it now”, which forces you to format the drive resulting in complete file loss from phones SD card.
  4. Mishandling the device: Mishandling the cell phone like ejecting the memory card while read / write process, or using the same android SD card on multiple operating system also leads to photo file deletion.
  5. Transfer error: Photos from your android cell phone may also get deleted / lost if there is any interruption while transferring or moving files from android phone to computer or vice versa

As said earlier photo loss from android can be recovered with the help of photo recovery tool. The software recovers pictures after factory reset android with ease. Apart from picture files the software also recovers other file like music, video clips, applications (.apk), documents and many more. It also helps you to get back photos lost after accidental formatting of USB drive, photo deletion from hard drives and many other scenarios. Additionally the software is compatible to run on all the latest versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP

Few useful tips:

  1. Regularly backup your photos and other important android files on multiple storage devices like external hard disk, CDs or DVDs
  2. Use “Safely Remove Hardware” option while removing your android cell phone
  3. Install and update your antivirus software to regularly scan and remove deadly viruses
  4. Make use of “write protect” knob on your memory card to avoid accidental deletion or format